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    Here's what Sony did @ E3 2015

    Sony wasted little time in getting into some gameplay with what looked like live gameplay of The Last Guardian. I just want to congratulate those of you who won bets at this point and offer commiserat...

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    Here's what Ubisoft did @ E3 2015

    There’s a new South Park game and they will settle for nothing less than a 9.5 on GameSpot. The Fractured But Whole is a superhero game with the same humour and non-seriousness of The Stick of Truth s...

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    Here's what EA did @ E3 2015

    Kicking off with Mass Effect and Johnny Cash: good move. Mass Effect Andromeda was announced and I’m guessing it’s going to take place in our neighbouring galaxy. Very little shown but the frontier vi...

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    Here's what Microsoft did @ E3 2015

    With the massive amount of fervour surrounding Fallout 4, Microsoft had a pretty big shadow to get away from. Predictably, 343 Indistries showed up first with claims of new and exclusive IPs, innovati...

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    Here's What Bethesda did @ E3 2015

    Bethesda kicked off E3 this year with a rundown of the upcoming DOOM. Claiming to be taking the franchise back to its roots, this new entry in the long-running franchise sees an increase in movement s...

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    Love you Danhnall <3

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    What The Sims 2 Did To Me

    In my previous (and first!) blog post, I briefly mentioned an upcoming blog entry about The Sims 2. Yeah, I was sort of serious about that. Everyone seems to have their pivotal games. "Pivotal games" ...

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    Studying games

    I've been studying Games Development for 2 years now. This is what I've got so far.You'd think that studying games would be similar to studying comedy. To paraphrase E.B. White (I had to look him up);...