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It's scary alright; it is absolutely horrific 0

This is one of the scariest games i have ever played to date, as i am writing this review. I mean, it is absolutely horrific, it is intense and psychologically disturbing. The developers have done this best by atmosphere and use or lack of music and ambiance; coupled with almost complete dark stages, and view is only possible with a flash light.A twisted paradox i have been pondering for a while now, is the fact that people have, especially teenagers, been saturated with violence. It does not ha...

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What? 0

Everybody knows about frogger..its a brilliant concept, fun to play and a genius idea, and for those reasons this review will be viewed be some as blasphemous, but read the review, and take into consideration my arguments, and keep in mind, this is for the snesI have personally no idea when the original frogger was made, nor what gaming apparatus it what made for...i could only guess an arcade(after the Seinfeld episode when George had the high score on one ) And at the time is was pure and utte...

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Pure awesomeness 0

This game is a hard-core fencing hack and slash, and adventure game at the very best. Even though it is old, and perhaps looks poor at first glance,this is not the case, as it is just pure awesome!To begin with, you choose from 4 different knights, and then choose a cool name like sir killalot, before you delve into a world of beasts, dragons and things wild. What once was peaceful land, will be covered in the entrails of foes and beasts alike, if not your own.Gameplay:There are 6 different swor...

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