Games for a 6-year-old

In a week, my niece turns 6. She got a DSi this summer, and wants a game for her birthday. So then comes the question; what game do you buy for a 6 year old girl? Since she just has started school, she has not learned any English yet, so that complicates things a bit. I have come up with a few candidates though;
The Legendary Starfy: I have not played this myself, but as far as I can see, it is a fairly good reviewed game. Is it easy enough for my niece?
Nintendogs: I'm not sure about this one. I bought it for my girlfriend's kids when they whre 6-7 years, and they had trouble with the voice-recognition. Having to repeat each command in the exact same pitch was not easy.
Scribblenauts: Available in Norwegian, so that would be great as a supplement to learning to read/write properly. Are the controls good enough? Too bad Super Scribblenauts doesn't come out until late october.
Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise: I played the 360-game, and it was hard as hell. Definately not a game for a 6-year-old. What about the DS-version?
Lastly I should mention her skill-level. I think she's fairly good for her age, playing Mario Kart DS and beating the easier cups without problems. That is the only game I have seen her play though.
So if anyone has got any tips for me, it would be greatly appreciated :)


Recommend me a game

 The last few days I've had a huge craving for 4X-games. I bought and downloaded Master of Orion 1, 2 and 3, and Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity, looking forward to countless hours of 4X-fun.
A couple of days has passed since I downloaded them, and I've clocked in maybe one hour on these games, combined. I play through half of a tutorial, click through the rest not bothering to read anything, and start a new game. Play 10 minutes and get bored. Why is this? I love Civilization and Alpha Centauri, why can't I have fun with these?
Maybe they're too complicated. Or the systems are too old and cumbersome for my tastes. Or that the research is too sci-fi. No, I think it's just too complicated.
See, what I really like about these games is the research. A wealth of possibilities to tailor your own empire, and maybe discover something cool that will give you an edge over your enemies. In Civilization, most of the research is heavily grounded in reality. You see 'Horseback Riding', and you immediately understand what that gives you. 'Advanced Steel Alloy lvl 3'*, not so much.

So, my question to you, my millions of followers; Is there a game like Civilization in terms of research? Where the research is simple to understand, maybe hard to master. Where I don't have to read a research-description 5 times to get what it does.

I need something to tide me over until Civ 5 is released. Hmm, or maybe a while longer, since my computer can't run Civ 5...



What I love about Starcraft

 My love for the RTS-genre started over 15 years ago, with Dune 2. My brother got it, and together we played it for hours. Since then I've played most high-profile RTS-games that have been released on PC.
The last few years I've lost a little interest, though. Why? Because lately the things I love the genre for have been thrown away. I'm talking about earning the right to use powerful units.
The best thing about Dune 2 was to play a mission, get a new mission briefing, and maybe a new unit. I still remember when I got the huge Harkkonen tank, it was awesome. But if you play for example C&C 3, you have every unit available from the start. Booooring.
That's why I love the recently released StarCraft 2. Not only do you get an engaging narrative between missions, you also get to choose what mission to do next. Different missions get you different units.
Just got my Ravens, got to get back to playing...
I love you, Blizzard.