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Castle Crashers is a fantastic Arcade game, despite its problems. 0

So the eagerly anticipated new game from developers The Behemoth finally reached out XBOX 360's this week in Microsofts Summer of Arcade games. This LIVE Arcade game as been on the lips of many a gamer and its great to finally get our hands on this old school styled game. In many respects Castle Crashers does indeed go old school, for us folks who love their games its clear that The Behemoth drew from many classic games of old. Castle Crashers features a fantastic looking 2D art Style that keeps...

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Bionic Commando: Rearmed is a thrilling reworking of a classic! 0

It's fair to say that Bionic Commando is a classic game, for many it's unforgettable and for good reason. So in an age where the Arcade is being reborn in a different style it was expected I guess that Bionic Commando would see a updated version hitting our consoles soon enough. Developed by Grin, Bionic Commando: Rearmed is a great tribute to the classic game in many ways. Offering the exact same gameplay that made the original such a hit Grin have done a fantastic job in bringing it up to date...

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Geometry Wars 2 is the best LIVE Arcade Game to date! 0

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, you couldn't really go wrong. The original Geometry Wars hit our 360 consoles when Microsoft's much loved gaming machine launched, and to this day is still one of the best Arcade games around. But its also fair to say, that even though it was an addictive experience the game generally lacked modes and features that were common in some of the oldest arcade games. But its also great credit to the game that so many gamers were still playing it after years of being on...

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Missing key features but still a Classic Beat em Up! 0

The Soul Calibur series is a much loved beat em up franchise that as the honour of being one of the most forward thinking games in a genre where classic is happily accepted. Not much as changed since the days of Arcade Beat em Up Gaming (except of course things going to 3D) and that as been both a blessing and a curse. The genre still holds much of its charm yet play another reashed Street Fighter 2 Turbo Boost Extreme Mega Edition (Not a real Game) and you'll see that to often developers will s...

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Robert Ludlum's Bourne Conspiracy is the Perfect Rental Package! 0

There are those games out there, where you can have two sides to the same coin when it comes to a reviewers view on a specific game. Let me explain, if you purchased The Bourne Conspiracy at full retail price theres a very good chance you'll feel totally let down by what the game offers. Yet if you rented it, you'll find that its a solid game that will scratch your gaming itch over a good weekend of gaming and leave you pretty pleased. Thats what Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy is suited f...

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Battlefield: Bad Company, More Like Battlefield: Great Company 0

Cheesey title I know, but I speak the truth my friends for Battlefield: Bad Company is an action packed standout in a genre packed to the rafters with average titles. Offering a seriously fun Single Player Campaign and solid traditional Battlefield Multiplayer it's hard to find a good reason why this game shouldn't be in your gaming collection.Firstly, lets go back in time a little. To 2006 to be precise, when DICE released Battlefield: Modern Combat. Their first real attempt at cracking the Fir...

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