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My Playstation 4 console is the greatest Playstation 4 console manufactured.

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Worst news ever.

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Guys, dozens of people have already played several hours of Infinite (Alex Navarro being one of them) and have not mentioned anything about the game being frustrating, in fact they've all been pretty GLOWING from what I've read.

And it's very, very, unlikely that any flaw that Bioshock Infinite would have would be that it's rage-inducing difficult, like what Jeff was alluding to. This isn't some quirky Japanese block puzzle game. It's a AAA mass-marketed FPS. These games aren't made to be frustrating anymore, and they haven't for a long time.

Furthermore, I don't understand why people look to Jeff for quality opinions on games. I love the man, and he has brilliant insight into the inner-workings of the game industry but he's probably the most irrational critic on this site. He said recently that Super Metroid and Metroid Prime were mediocre/bad. Yeah. Alex and Brad are the best reviewers here.

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I love Tuesdays more than mondays.

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People in this thread need to take a deep breath.

And relax.


Then realize that video game reviews are the most worthless thing ever. And you should never pay attention to them under any circumstances.

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@Oldirtybearon: I'm not talking about a generic "hivemind" mentality, I'm talking about an internet lynch-mob mentality composed of gamers who feel the need to go on a holy crusade against reviewers they disagree with. Go on /v/ nowadays and you see people complaining about "casuals" unironically and getting seriously pissed off that someone disagrees with them. These are the lowest common denominator of gamers.

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I'm worried about the growing popularity. I don't want the site to attract denizens of cesspools like /v/.

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I'll never get over how supremely bizarre it is how much people care about other people's opinions of video games. It's as if people think the purpose of reviews are to reinforce your own opinion.Obviously, that's not what they're supposed to do at all. The only thing a review is worth is to get one person's opinion. When you look at it this way, reviews are an almost worthless thing.

So everyone stop caring about them, please.

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For what it's worth, here is Jeff Gerstmann's take on the matter

Or the original Devil May Cry fanbase went in with a chip on their shoulder and took every single bit of information about the new game as a personal affront. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking games seriously, but at some point people just get unhinged about the wrong shit. It’s not like EVERY DEVELOPER IN THE WORLD doesn’t say nice things about the game they’re currently developing or anything…

Move on. Devil May Cry is dead to you. That’s fine. Because it’s not like Capcom Japan was ever going to make a “real” sequel. If they had any meaningful intent in that department, they wouldn’t have let the US office make the deal with Ninja Theory in the first place. I’m not saying you have to like it, but letting it consume you like this doesn’t do you any good. Raging about it just spreads the name of the game even further than any marketing can. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Don’t read about it. Don’t talk about it. Or try to stop holding on so tightly and maybe give it a shot?

Either way, try to devote your energy to a game that you actually enjoy and champion it instead.

Glad to see him taking this stance.

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