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Ah! Giant Bomb I'm back, just had a lot of stuff to in my work, anyway, there has been much in gaming lately, and I can't think of a better place to express myself than this.

Well first of all...(ugh! plenty of points on my list)

Battlefield 4... I recently saw the newest trailer for the game, and I felt nothing, not even the slightest excitement at the game, the graphics looked nice, but aside from that is the same grey campaign we've been playing, it looks a lot like it wants to still be Call of Duty, and that's not right, I bet all gamers get the most enjoyment out of Battlefield in the Multiplayer, so why not demonstrate that!? Have I grown too tired of the contemporary military shooters? I guess they have been sold to death in the last couple years and while I enjoy games with contemporary weapons (Far Cry 3) the ones I play offer an interesting and powerful twist, or a take on the FPS genre that feels fresh. I enjoyed a lot more the 6 hour campaign on Crysis 3, that my whole time with Battlefield 3, it's not that the game lacks quality, it's just that I don't feel any sort of emotion or excitement as I maul through waves of terrorists.

Times and taste changes, and I don't enjoy the same games I used to, if I only could go back to my love for Battlefield Bad Company and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. pretty games ain't enough anymore.

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And a happy new year.

Gamers of the world may all of you have a nice old year eve and an excellent start of 2013, may all your dreams and projects come to be and may you find the happiness anywhere you are.


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I'm kind of new to the site been hearing or checking some stuff for the past couple years, but well I decided it was time to migrate here, to meet new people and experience different things, this blog at the moment won't make a good read but let's see what happens.

Mostly I play on Xbox 360, but I'm no stranger to the PS3, Wii, 3DS or PC.