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I just picked up D3 For Christmas, and am running into a HUD icon I can't sorry out, or seem to find an explanation for, it looks like a treasure chest with a green arrow on it. It's probably harmless, and dead simple, but I could still use some help on it.

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I only played two of the games on the list: Destiny, and Watch Dogs, so I don't really have a lot to compare with. I voted Destiny because as much as I drifted away from Watch Dogs, and might never go back, it was pretty much exactly what I expected from an Ubisoft game. Destiny on the other hand.... I'm disappointed because I really enjoyed some of what Bungie did (basically all of the combat), but felt like a lot of the other parts were designed by a studio that didn't really have a handle on what would or wouldn't make for a fun game.

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I'm 40, and have gone back and forth on this. When I was very young, my parents made sure I knew their first and last names in the same way that some parents will have their kids memorize the home phone number, street address, etc. As a result, I did use their first names fairly regularly growing up. We didn't usually start talking to one another by saying the person's name though; it was usually just a 'walk up and start talking' thing. I stopped doing this with my mom probably 12 or 15 years ago, and started calling her just ' mom ', but that was by her request. If she hadn't said anything I probably would have just kept on calling her by her first name. Or maybe not; we're raising our daughter to know our names, but to call us mom and dad, so maybe I would have felt some double-standard at work, and gone back to calling mom, mom on my own.

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The first Max Payne, and Oni. The second one of these, especially. I loved the "sometimes guns, but mostly hand to hand combat" nature of the game.

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PS4: sarahsdad

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Not to just "me too" it, but I played last night for a good hour or so, and then again this afternoon for about a half hour without noticing any issues.

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I had a chance to try this last night, and at least as a host it worked well. @spaceinsomniac played Spelunky for a few minutes, and then we did a bit of co-op with Towerfall Ascension.

He said there was some lag at his end, and the graphics were a little... fuzzy I think.

I don't know how much connection speed effects things; I could host, but the system said he couldn't, due to connection.

FWIW, I tested my connection and was getting about 30 both up and down.

Has anyone tried a three or four player co-op session ? Just curious to know if it would even work.

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Profile page says July 2008 was when I signed on to the good ship Giant Bomb.

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@redroach said:

Things are scary when they're not clearly defined.

This. For a good movie example, look at the original Halloween vs. the Rob Zombie remakes. The originals give little to no explanation of how/why Myers ends up the way he is. The remakes shove it right in your face that he had a crappy childhood, and that's basically the explanation for how he ends up the way he is.