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I always liked this one from the comics. Batman doesn't suffer fools gladly.

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For anyone who has this, how soon into the game did you change the difficulty?

I'm doing a second play through, and switched it a few minutes in, while chasing what's his name through the cannery, before meeting Augustine. Will that work, our do I need to go back and switch earlier?

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I do find myself switching powers more after finishing the main story. Most times I'll go in using video or neon and just burn through the heavy shot abilities, then siphon concrete from the downed troops to finish things off.

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Not sure I'd care too much. There was a quote from one of the Rocksteady guys about including the Batmobile where he said "It wouldn't be much fun if you were driving around Gotham trying to avoid pedestrians" or something like that, which sounds really reasonable. Unless the driving was on rails, you could potentially spend a lot of time dodging around people, which doesn't sound fun for the type of game they're making.

Maybe in the future there could be an option to attempt a mission with or without civilians in the area. Something where you have to choose between spending time evacuating civilians from a location or not. If you evacuate them, you'll know everyone left is a bad guy, but doing the evac also means the bad guys will have more barricades/traps/armor/etc. to make your life more difficult.

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Another little touch on the minimap I noticed the other day; it does a little bit of a perspective shift, depending on the angle of the camera. @awesomeusername's picture shows a good example when the camera is behind Delsin, the map is drawn at an angle; if you pan it to be more directly above, the mini-map changes to a top-down view.

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Sony's doing a NFS sale this week, and I'm wondering about the differences between this and Hot Pursuit. Is it pretty much just one has police events and the other doesn't, or are there other standout changes between games?

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I would be interested to see this if his strategy also included a virtual price cliff where after 12 - 18 months or something, the price just plummets. That would reward early adopters, get the people who sit on the fence for a bit, and also be a boon to those who are super price conscious.

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A lot of good suggestions here. Halloween, the original Alien, The Thing are all some of my favorites. I also have soft spots for Ghost Ship (2002), House on haunted hill (1999), Dead Silence, Dead Snow, and Silver Bullet. I'm not sure how will the first Evil Dead would hold up; the effects are super low-budget, but the second one is a must.

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Skyfall: 8/10

I never got the feeling that the villain was actually as manically smart or clever as everyone around him kept saying or implying he was. As such, some of the things he was shown doing simply seemed like lazy writing. Other than this, the movie was mostly OK.

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Pretty sweet; I've never played DMC, Brothers, or Don't Starve, so it'll be a busy month.