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@lawgamer: Thank you! I was kind of wondering if it might be it. I was so nervous about the noonwraith fight near the start of the game that I dumped a few points into the skill before I even attempted it, so I never really saw what the base Yrden skill did compared to the upgraded one.

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Using lock-on while on horseback makes that type of combat MUCH easier.

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Playing the other day, and on one particular mission/investigation, my wife turns to me, and says that it sounds like an episode of CSI. So, for no reason other than to see if I could, I ended up spending way, way too long this afternoon using the video app on the PS4 to convert two ten minute clips into a six minute pilot of CSI: Witcher. This is in the opening map area, so it's pretty early on. I'm only about 5 - 10 minutes past the end of this mission in the game, so I don't know for sure, but it seemed like a one-off to me. That said, you will see the entire mission, such as it is, which I think has a funny ending.

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That's one of the explanations I found online as well. I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong (not holding the trigger long enough, or something), misunderstanding the description/effect or what the case is. Just hoping someone who uses it can explain it in a bit more detail.

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So I put a couple points into the Yrden sign, thinking that "alternative mode charges" meant that the spell could be cast/placed more like a mine field, but it seems like that isn't it. The closest explanation I've seen in hunting aroundaround the web last night was someone saying there's an alternative mode skill.... If so, I'm going blind and not seeing it.

Can anyone explain what the alternative mode means, how it's supposed to work, etc because at the moment it feels like I burned a couple of points I shouldn't have.

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No, but I'd like a portal on the front page showing new reviews from users. To be honest the GB crew's time is probably better spent.

Is vote yes on a poll with that option in a heartbeat

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Went to see it with my daughter over the weekend, and had a good time.

Thinking about Hawkeye, I liked that during the scene in the carrier ship, he's the only one that doesn't get whammy'd by Wanda, and it's specifically because he's as tactically aware as he is.

Also really liked that what seemed like a throw away joke scene when everyone is trying to lift Thor's hammer is then given weight and relevance when Vision casually picks it up and passes/tosses it to Thor latter in the movie.

I wouldn't have minded maybe two more minutes showing how Wanda and Pietro came to be meeting Ultron in the church without first knowing anything about who or what he was.

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@sunbrozak: BL 1 and 2 are some of the few FPS games I've played all the way through; I do love me some leveling mechanics.

@reverendk: Now that I've got a reasonable PC again, I'll add Valkyria Chronicles to my list. I seem to recall that I was really disappointed when it didn't come out on anything portable back in the day.

@donutfever: You're the 2nd or 3rd person to suggest Saint's Row. I remember renting one of them when it came out, but not sure which. I'll have to add 3 and 4 to my 'to-play' list as well.

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@nophilip: Thanks for the suggestions. My TV doesn't have enough HDMI ports for the PS3 at the moment, so it's gathering dust, but I'll add Ni no Kuni to my 'someday' list.

Also, Black Flag was a pretty good time. I didn't Platinum, but still feel I pretty much wrung that dry. I kind of enjoyed the devil-may-care attitude, after how self-serious ACIII was.

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@believer258: You'd think so, right? I loved the first one, had a pretty good time with the second one, and bought Inquisition as a digital download on PSN. At some point the game mechanics I didn't like sort of overwhelmed the rest of the experience though. Pinging for resources, too many loading screens, enemies who reacted to damage only as a point value, friendly AI not being too bright. I might go back in a few months to start a new play through,and try a different style.

Had a happy accident Friday night though. I was poking around on Steam, and noticed that Skyrim (plus some add-ons) was on sale. The last time I played that was on the 360, and the only thing that made me stop really was the obscene loading times, so I picked up the game plus DLCs for cheap. Really looking forward to running around, dragon-shouting things off of cliffs again :)