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sarahsdad on PS4 - Eastern time, mostly at night or on weekends.

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@loafsmooch: So the game tries to sort folks into groups based on their preferences, as opposed to having it be a group of five who then vote on what everyone is going to play?

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I'm wondering how the matchmaking works, and if it's flexible enough that I could go in, select that I want to play a monster each time, and (potentially) always be matched up with a group of hunters in need of a monster to chase. Basically, does the game group five people first, and let them choose who gets what, or does it group by class/monster?

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Quick update. Ordered the parts Friday/Saturday. Just wanted to give a couple quick thanks. First to @onarum for pointing me towards Corsair cases. Reading reviews of the original case I'd planned on I noticed all sorts of complaints with the built in power supply, so I switched out and got a Corsair SPEC-01 Red instead, with a Corsair power supply to put in it. Together they ran about 50-60 more than the original case I was thinking of, but with all of the good Corsair reviews, it seemed a safe bet. Also to @corevi for pointing out that RAM is better in pairs; I would have just bought one large chip instead of two smaller ones otherwise. And lastly to @karkarov. I ended up getting an i3 in the end, mostly from cost, and for what I expect to be doing with the computer. The board can be upgraded though, so I expect an i5 and a couple other upgrades will come latter.

Now it's just waiting, and hoping the snow storms sweeping Massachusetts don't cause too many problems with the deliveries.

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Ok, I've got a Motherboard, Case, memory, and drives sorted out to ones that I like. I'm going Intel, since I feel like I can understand their chip ordering better than AMD. The motherboard is using the LGA 1150 socket, and the B85 chipset, so there should be plenty of room to expand if/when I want to add another drive, update the CPU, etc. The next question would be on the balance of getting a slightly slower chip and a graphics card, or getting a faster chip and no graphics card. I can get an i3 and what seems like a decent card for the price of an i5 and no card. A couple things to consider:

  • The monitor I'm connecting to for the time being is at 1280x1024
  • I'm fully expecting/prepared to put about 100.00 year into upgrades for this, for new monitor, better CPU, etc.
  • I'm still expecting to do most of my gaming on console, so if a game comes out that the computer can't run, I'm pretty sure I will be 100% OK with adding it to my steam list for "someday"
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@corevi: Thanks for the build list. I went with the A4 to get something that had a built in GPU. I could be 180 degrees wrong, but wouldn't I also need a separate graphics card if I'm using the Athlon X4 for a processor?

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I know it's nothing to get too excited over, but I've put together a list of parts, and would really appreciate anyone taking a look at it. I checked my current case, power supply, etc. and while the case has nothing wrong with it exactly, the power supply is just a little over 300 Watts, and honest to God, the internal cabling for the drives is all (as far as I can tell) SCSI.

PCPartPicker part list:

  • CPU: AMD A4-6320 3.8GHz Dual-Core Processor ($41.39 @ OutletPC)
  • Motherboard: Asus A78M-E Micro ATX FM2+ Motherboard ($47.95 @ SuperBiiz)
  • Memory: Crucial 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($64.98 @ Adorama)
  • Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($36.99 @ Amazon)
  • Case: Logisys CS369BK ATX Mid Tower Case w/480W Power Supply ($40.99 @ SuperBiiz)
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (OEM) (64-bit) ($88.98 @ OutletPC)
  • Total: $321.28

The main thing I'm looking for here is to see if any of the parts seem really out of place with one another. I used the compatibility filter on the site, so I assume that won't be an issue. It's more a question of things like: Is the DDR3-1600 RAM going to outstrip the A4 processor, or anything like that. I do have a CD/DVD burner already, so that's not included in the build.

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@turtlebird95, @thenine and @onarum: Thank you all for pointing me towards the pcpartpicker site, and putting together a few builds. That's super encouraging for the idea of building one myself.

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So, like the title says, it's been a long time since I bought a new computer, and the landscape has changed a bit since then. The last brand new desktop computer I bought was in 2005, I think. I got a used computer a few years ago, but it can't handle anything past XP without grinding to a halt, so I assume almost anything I buy will be a jump forward.

Before I get further, how about a budget. I'd really like to keep it in the Under 400 range. I do 99 percent of my gaming on console or handheld, so likely the heaviest game it's going to put up with for a while is Hearthstone

I guess my biggest question is whether people think it's better to get a newer computer with less expansion possibilities, or something a couple of years back that might have slots for a dedicated video card, maybe a 2nd hard drive (or an upgrade to an SSD), or a couple extra sticks of RAM.

So there we go. For 400 or less, what's the thought on getting a "new to me" computer that could handle some upgrades vs. a brand new computer that maybe couldn't.

FWIW, I'm not averse to a DIY kit like this from newegg, but I don't think I'd trust myself to buy the parts individually. There would need to be either a sorted bundle of parts, a site that would help build such a list, or a friendly person who knows what they're talking about making a list.

Thanks Bombers

Edit: Not sure how relevant it is, but this will be used primarily for email, Facebook, Youtube, and probably Photoshop Elements or something. I do have a tablet, as well as a laptop (with an old-ish Pentium dual core chip), so the main purpose of this theoretical computer will be to sit under or on a desk, and get to whatever site(s) my wife points it at, as well as letting her do some light photo editing.

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I just picked up D3 For Christmas, and am running into a HUD icon I can't sorry out, or seem to find an explanation for, it looks like a treasure chest with a green arrow on it. It's probably harmless, and dead simple, but I could still use some help on it.