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Started listening to GameSpot's podcast around'02, and got hooked on Jeff,Rich, etc. Like many others I followed where Jeff went, and that lead here.

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@jrodrz: The combat takes a LOT of cues from the Rocksteady Batman games, but at the same time offers enough expansion and difference so that you don't end up feeling like they just re-skinned one of those.

Edit: Most enemies can eventually be dispatched using only combinations of attack, parry, and (sometimes) vault, so if you never go further than that, it can get kind of stale. BUT, there are plenty of two button moves that you pick up latter in the game, so if you start mixing those in, it helps keep things interesting.

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Fast Five: 7 out of 8 cylinders. Could have used a little bit more Rock.

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I've decided I need to see Fast & Furious 7, but I don't want to go in cold. I also don't know that I want risk burnout by watching the previous 6 movies in such short order.

So...are Five and Six enough of a primer for what's likely to be in 7, or should I find some sort of speed run / cliffs notes / wikipedia entry on the whole thing?

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Does the game work well / at all for two player couch co-op? I've been looking for something besides Diablo on PS4 to scratch that itch.

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I can't pretend to understand what you've gone through, but congrats on getting to a place where you feel comfortable with who you are.

If it's not too personal to ask, is the HRT something you have to keep doing, or does it get to a tipping point where your body recognizes that this is the new normal, and just carries on without outside help?

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sarahsdad on PS4 - Eastern time, mostly at night or on weekends.

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@loafsmooch: So the game tries to sort folks into groups based on their preferences, as opposed to having it be a group of five who then vote on what everyone is going to play?

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I'm wondering how the matchmaking works, and if it's flexible enough that I could go in, select that I want to play a monster each time, and (potentially) always be matched up with a group of hunters in need of a monster to chase. Basically, does the game group five people first, and let them choose who gets what, or does it group by class/monster?