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Everything I've seen/read so far is that the new game is a whole new piece of software. That isn't to say you might not be able to buy it digitally on PC. The base and characters from the first Infinity will work with the new game, so maybe there's an option if you're on a PC to simply download the new one. I can only speak to consoles though, and for that it's definitely a whole separate physical purchase. While the old base and characters will work with the new game, the new characters won't work in the old game.

As far as buying the original one now, I would advise against it, unless you have a particular interest in one of the game sets. The toybox mode in the original version keeps most of the more interesting blocks behind a lotto system, where you earn a chance at one of fifteen new toy packs every time your character levels up. There's never a situation where you don't get a new pack when you level up, but there are like five different towns-person packs and four racetrack packs, and three castle part packs, etc. so if you really want to go in and make nothing but F1 tracks, you're still likely to end up with a lot of stuff you don't care about.

FWIW, this is one of the changes to the toy box for the version 2; you'll still need to acquire some of the packs, but instead of being randomized, it'll be things you can more specifically pick and choose from.

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Nut Job. 2/5

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My memory of it is that if you want to watch a weird game being played, then go with VJ. If you want to watch two guys react to the weirdness of the game, then watch BR.

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For anyone thinking about pre-ordering Infinity 2, I found a nice deal on Amazon. If you do a search for Infinity 2.0 Marvel Premium Value Pack , they have a deal that gets the basic starter set (Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow), the Spider-Man set, and individual figures of Captain America, Venom, and Rocket Raccoon. Depending on sales tax, it saves maybe 20.00 over buying the stuff individually, even counting that most paces are doing a pre-order deal where you get a figure for free.

Only thing to be careful of is that you have to type the name of the thing in pretty carefully, considering Sony is already doing their own special edition thing, and Amazon of course has the "hey, buy all these things at the same time" auto-bundles.

Anyways, hope this helps someone else like me who would probably have ended up buying most of these things eventually anyhow.

moderator edit...just put the link in next time instead of telling people how they might be able to search for it.

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@ares42 said:

Still looks like Dragon Age's clunky combat to me. Not that it's unplayable or anything, but it falls in that realm where it's pretty much impossible to balance due to the range of automation/micromanagement available to you. It just ends up with this situation where it's most likely a complete walkover even if you don't use any of the strategic stuff, or you end up having to depend on it and it gets tedious.

That's my concern as well; can they strike the balance where the friendly AI is competent enough to not get killed, and react to the enemies around it, but might still need the occasional prod in a non-obvious direction?

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My daughter found a coin that we have used Google image search to determine is a 100 won coin from South Korea. Is anyone familiar enough with the coin to know what's written on it?

I'm including pictures here, in case anyone can read Korean, and might be able to tell what's on the coin that way.

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@cale: It has been mentioned multiple times on Bungie's forums but no official word as of yet if they are going to work on it or not. I'm a giant robot dude I don't need no stinking helmet!!

I thought Exo's needed the mask, similar to Vader in Star Wars.

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I have a code for U.S. PS4 - PM if you're interested