last nite i had several beers and today i can barely sit up straight. so this new quest thing is pretty rad. great way to kill of a whole day while watching movies. next up, lists.
crank it and spank it


im fucking stoked!!!!

battlefield heroes look like it will run just fine on my brand spankin' new eee 1000H the ultimate gamer computer. that game is all need until ill finally sellout an buy a tv and a console. i do wanna play fallout 3 and i dont think the current gen eee's will run that game very well. boo!


two more games.

got two ds games today. elite beat agents and space invaders EXTREEEEEEEEEEME. they both seem solid. first impression of space invaders, kinda confusing - you get thrown right into the game. not even an explanation on which buttons to use, what the powerups do etc.. i guess ill bring the manual next time i gotta go poopoo. elite agents seem really entertaining, just the trainingmode made me giggle a couple of times. the songs seem to be pretty shitty though compared to other rhythmgames. but the gameplay seems solid.

looking foreward to plow through both of em while im wating for the next castlevainia and layton games to cum out.