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Thank you guys for informing me of my mistake! I've edited my original post. It won't happen again, promise!

@AhmadMetallic: Well, thank you! The reason I called it silly is because of the change of tone after the first song ends. As stated in my OP, I was really sleepy when I recorded and edited all of this. For some reason it was all hilarious to me then.

@Feikken: Thank you and the two people that followed your incredibly meaningful initiative! It's wonderful to know that a mistake on a forum drastically lowers the entertainment quality of said video. I feel honored to have such a mature and well-developed member of the GiantBomb and Youtube community not only watch my video in its entirety but also comment on and condemn it!

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Edit - My mistake for not typing anything out, guys. I put this together at around 5am so needless to say I was incredibly sleepy when I uploaded and posted it. I mainly recorded a couple of clips because I've been hearing people complain that the series is now a cover-based shooter. Well, all of the gameplay in the video was recorded on the Old School difficulty. You just gotta have that mouse precision for Max Payne! What do you people think?

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@shinboy630: Well, I wasn't expecting any kind of welcome. Thank you! I usually don't like exaggerated DOF either but I think it just works in Skyrim. I find myself going into free cam every few steps just to absorb the atmosphere. So many little things are happening at any given moment that it's just incredible.

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"The White Night" album!

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  • Video Card - EVGA GeForce GTX 680 SC Signature 2GB
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