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Dan's previous job as a butcher:

The guy is actually Charles Parker Newton, the brief search i did make me think he Dan if he decided to go into modeling.

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Jargon shouldn't be used unless absolutely necessary.

I work in a clinic I have said the phrase 'lay down on your back on the table' thousands of times and some people still lay on their stomachs. This situation will not improve if I start using saying things like 'lay supine on the table.' You can ask a person if they have ever have had an implant placed in their back and they will say no, but if you ask them if they have had metal put in their back they will say yes.

It is better practice to simplify; even when you know people will understand you.

I'm not saying it always has to be to the lowest common denominator. Face it sounds ridiculous when people start throwing around term's like ludonarrative dissonance like everyone should know what that means right away. Instead of being impressed by the thought and research that the writer has put into their article I'm left thinking that this person really wants people to think they are an intellectual.

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When do we get the Snoop voice pack for Destiny?

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Reading 'Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72' by Hunter S. thompson. It's a strange but good book in which Hunter describes his experience with the presidential election between President Nixon and Senator Mcgovern.

Anyone who has question about journalist ethics and bias should give it a read. While it certainly doesn't focus on the ethics of journalits it certainly paints a image of how reporters and their relationships with people they write about.

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Also Silent Hill.

Instead at the part where she gets a cable/rope thrown to her after the overblown balancing act.

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Well i could do it around 4:30 pm est.

But you could probably pull together a team quicker if you add a bunch of people from the lincoln force groups.

I have done a run with them and they're great!

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Request sent under same name.

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Haven't played for well over a year. My favorite is the TnT where Ryan is playing Burnout: Paradise and the song 'Girlfriend' is being played over and over and over and over. I could just see Vinny cracking himself up, even though he never appears in the video.

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Pretty cool.

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