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I was wondering if people are interested in playing this game in order to finish off the Co-Op achievements. I need to get a lot more Syndicate Reboots and then I'll be done. I'm planning on playing Friday 4/19 after 8P or so EST. Or possible Sat 4/20 from 6A-9A or thereabouts.

Gamertag Sgykah on XBL.

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I used to be with "it". But then they changed what "it" was, now "it" is something that scares and confuses me.

BTW is there an iPhone app where the mere mention of Android makes you instantly angry and resistant?

$99 for a Tegra 3 development platform? HOW DARE YOU MAKE DEVELOPMENT CHEAPER?

I hate emulators, I'd never pay to play Zelda on my HDTV.

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Once you get around to the second one, Lair of the shadowbroker is also a lot of fun. Kasumi's quest is also fun.

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To the people who don't get this. It's not about saying balls every time a friend of yours says Benoir. It's about saying balls after you've been introduced to a guy, named Benoir, at a cocktail party. With the queen of England standing next to you. And yes, she's holding opera vieweing binoculars.

I'm not religious, but if this opportunity presents itself to me...

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@mlarrabee said:

Now that you're twenty-one, a word of caution:

Most "adults" in their twenties and early-thirties treat alcohol the same way eight-year-olds treat Halloween candy. Sure, you may be able to hold your liquor, but you'll pass that phase of booze-worship soon enough and have the rest of your life in which to look back and say, "Alcohol's done more harm than good."

This from a guy who has forty-odd bottle of liquor at any point in time and drinks only the Glenfiddich 18-21 every couple of months.

Go with gin and tonic. They're light, refreshing, delicious, and less dehydrating than most.

Get wasted if you like, but just remember that you're literally giving control of your memory and actions to a BEVERAGE. Think about that.

The job of your frontal cortex is to constantly judge you. Every day. For everything you do. It does this day in, day out. Alcohol slows this judgmental prick down just enough to let a couple of fun things through. We outgrow our need for alcohol because we learn to live with our inadequacies. Doesn't mean they're no longer there, just that we've come to accept that we will never be the guy who walked on the moon for the first time, or the man who successfully separated twins conjoined at the head for the first time.

Also, my decisions while sober have gotten me into much bigger trouble than my decisions while drunk. I'm looking at you graduate school.

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@pyromagnestir said:

Never had that problem. You make me fear my laptops charger though. It sometimes starts making buzzing and zapping noises. I should google that to see if I'm in trouble and likely to die in an explosion. I shall do this now.

Do not underestimate the power of electronics.

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@egg said:

This is why I always keep a box of latex anal gloves by the couch. They keep me safe from the electricity due to their insulative material.

not thick enough. i wear these at all times:

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Strong opinion followed by the sheeple argument. Troll much?

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Pick the people you want to drink with first, then the drinks. It's much more fun when you have like minded people, get to the same place, and have the same idea of fun. Unless you're friends are Jack and Jim.

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Excellent work! While working on S-Typing that game, I made the mistake of erasing my character when trying to effectively take advantage of Microsoft's cloud services. Although, I didn't really mind the loss of those 100 hours because of how fun the game actually is and how much faster I got to the same point once I knew how to run around the game world properly. Honestly though, excellent work. By the third time, Smough and Ornstein are totally overrated, amirite?