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I am a 30 year old guy that spends his time between Video Games, Sport, History, Politics, Art and Astronomy.

I spent four years at University of Manchester doing Politics and History with an MA in Cultural History (thesis in Sports history : Football (soccer) 1950s)

I have been to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many EU countries.

A strange fact about me is that, you would think I would play a lot of sports video games but I don't. I am not good at them and never see the point of buying another copy of the same sport with a players names changed Fifa 08 to Fifa 09 etc.

My all time franchises are:

Mario 64/ sunshine/ galaxy

Super Smash Brothers ( my wii code of Brawl is 0216-2244-0045)

Zelda (including the GB, GBA and DS games)

Resident Evil 4 (ok i played a lot of the other res evil games but not fan of the controls for before 4)

Relic RTS

Metroid Prime

Got really into PS3 games of late so playing a lot of uncharted and batman arkam asylum.

and more.