So another build up to a world cup finals.

Hi, All
Yes I know this is only my second blog post but still better than non.
 My execuse is that my back has been really bad and  I am not albe to sit down for any period of time with out pain.
At the preseant I am on my nees typing this because there less pain. 

So the media hype machine is in full swing and that it seems to some that we have only to turn up to win it.
Back in the real world it more likley England will get knocked out in the second round by a very good serbia or  Ghana teams.  
On the games side I am getting though Uncharted 2,  batman dark aslyum, FF XIII and Bayonetta for the PS3. Plus as I have been in bed for long periods been getting through the newish Zelda game for the DS the Spirit Tracks. 
Ok,that's about it, i hope to get more answers to my back problems when I have an MRI on it.

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I guest it's the start of a Giant Bomb Blog for me

Hi, all

I never been great when it comes to producing stuff every day that is at least read able but hear I go.
My first impression of the site is that it good site that needs some bugs sorted with it.

One of the problems in my view is the use of email to notify that someone has respond to your comment. In such the problem is that people are not responding to your comment but to the content .

That I have got 6 to 8 emails saying "good luck " and other such stuff that nice but not responding to what I posted on the comment section just the content.

Also the question is that is there going to be  a friend search for people that you may know but don't know if they are on website, in such another  good tool would be a search according to nation, region and city.

While another question is that did GB not think that people from outside of the USA and Canada were not going to use it as profile should have post code or Zip and which Nation your from not just city and state as Greater Manchester or Lancashire is a county not a state.

Also it seems that notice control sub section is not working at the moment on the profile section.

Ok that's about it at the present time

(ok i maybe seem a bit negative at the moment but still going to be a great site)

post soon


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