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You're tired from the long journey. You should go to bed!

#2 Posted by Shadowsun9 (37 posts) -

Thanks, keep putting these up please!

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Yeah, mine looks weird too. Don't know if its normal. My background image is just at the top of the page, cut in half. It doesn't wrap the whole page. Is this supposed to happen?

I'm using Google Chrome browser and vista, so i don't think those are your problem.
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Yep, I'm playing it again right now. "the exchange" snow-castle level, hardest difficulty trying to master every section of it and every enemy and how to kill them stealthily and most efficiently. I think I've nailed it too! Platinum medal! I have too much time...

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I would say Case 5 from ace attorney because I liked the characters and how it was its own self-contained story that was incredibly well told. I was amazed when I finished that case...

I wasn't such a fan of JFA. Case 4 was ok, but the soundtrack wasn't as good as game 1 and 3.

Speaking of which, the final case of T&T was AMAZING! The way it tied everything from the other games up into one great ending!
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I'm not sure, I don't like the outside of it, it's so plain and un-shiny! I prefer the outside of the Lite, with shinyness and the raised logo.

If the store and sd slot were used for new downloadable content for ds games, I might consider it. If/when the next ace attorney game comes out on ds it would be cool for new, downloadable cases. But I guess that would never happen.
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I don't think I'd use it if I couldn't be bothered to play a game, but if I'd finished a game that was really cinematic (like a metal gear or something) I might go back and watch it like a movie, but different types of games would have to be made that are more like films. But now it seems kind of strange...

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Cake, so spongy and delicious!

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I'll probably still get it but slightly less interested by lack of wifi...

That would have been amazing!
#10 Posted by Shadowsun9 (37 posts) -
Endogene said:
"Shadowsun9 said:
My dad will be in japan when this launches there, will I be able to use it here?
Will the shop, mp3 player etc work?
games yes since the ds is region free however im not sure how it will work with the new firmware"
Thanks, probably will wait for release here in UK though, there would be humungous lines in japanese shops because he comes back day after launch.
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