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Not the console Endwar, but still good. 0

I'm just gonna say this. if your looking for Endwar on the PS3 and 360 on the PSP, then stop. Your not getting it.Instead the developers decided to make a completely different game for the PSP (DS)). First, its not a voice activated real time strategy. Lets be honest, that wouldn't work on a portable system. Especially if you play the game in portable enviorments (like in public). Its a turn based strategy game.However the developers decided to changed things up. Turns take place in two phases. ...

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Not bad for a PSP racer 0

Now I'll be honest, I haven't really played the other Need For Speeds. The whole franchise lost me with Underground.Now Undercover for the other platforms is getting mixed reviews, and I haven't played the other versions. However, the PSP version I think is safe from this (as well as the Wii version I heard).However their are a couple things. The first one for someone who has played Need For Speed on the PSP before know that their is no open city. However from what I heard, its pretty useless on...

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This or Need for Speed 0

This holiday season the choices for games on the PSP are very limited, and only two street racing games came out for the PSP.  Midnight Club LA Remix is one of those games asking for your money.To start, this is not Midnight Club 3. For those who did not play that, it was a port of the PS2 version. Now the PSP showed it was capable of playing that game. The problem is the game wasn't too optimized for the PSP. The game had massive load times. You turn the game on and it takes a couple of minutes...

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For the true hardcore GTA fan 1

I personally really enjoyed this game. It gave me exactly what I was expecting out of a GBA GTA game.Their are a few problems with the game that really sit on the fact that this game pushes the limits of the GBA. Game stutters when a lot is happening. Targeting might be difficult for new GTA fans. Lack of buttons causes some control issues.But overall, this is a GTA experience on the go. The game recreates Liberty City seen in GTA III taking place between games. It has a standard GTA style story...

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