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I know its been a while but I will answer. Not super great. The PSP screen wasn't even standard def if I am remembering correctly. So PSP games look very grainy. They do work and run, however.

Of course I am fine with it. I had a video out cable for my PSP which didn't look great either, but I liked it.

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Since the subscription only works on PS4 I was gonna pass on it, however I broke down and gave the free trail a shot this week On my PS4, and I gotta say I was pleasently surprised.

However, what was a better surprise is that the subscription worked on my Vita. At least, on the Vita version of Now, all the games included in the subscription are listed as "playable" instead of by price. Gave it a shot on my PS TV and it works pretty good. Played a couple games and it works good.

I may subscribe for a little bit. Kinda invest in it to help make it better. A few games on the service I will play, but of course I want more.

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I was looking at the netgear one. I cant remember which one they were. Normally $80 but I am finding places that have them at $50

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Long story short is I can't get good wifi where I keep my game consoles and running a cable through the home is not an option.

Has anyone used PLC before? Is it good for gaming? I will be putting the $50 this Friday to try it, but I wanted to hear what everyone thought about this option first.

Thanks for the input.

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Being the huge firaxis fan I am I have nothing but high hopes going in.

With that said while I like the Civ V engine, IV is still my favorite mechnically. If they can just bring some of those mechanics back that would be awesome (although some may not work in the sci fi area, since one of my favorite mechanics was religon/corporations).

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I didn't know MK was on Komputer but if it is I'd go with that version. However the developers (MK vita wasn't farmed out and was developed internally) made graphical sacrifices to ensure 60 frames a second.

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3G is also locked to AT&T. I don't fall into the hater camp but many do. If you already have an AT&T Data Share plan its only $10 a month for a Vita to be on it. That doesn't seem to much for me.

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The backlog is good. Most PS1 games appear to work and a lot of PSP titles work (although a couple exceptions bother me that they aren't available.

PS+ is worth it. The games so far have been great and having the abilty to back up saves are a plus for a portable device.

The 3G is used for all online functionality except online gaming and downloads over 30 MB on the play store. Oh and Netflix doesn't work, but youtube does on 3G.

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Yeah. Its the oils from your fingers.

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I've been thinking about this a lot recently and I'm sure it's been discussed here before but how do you determine the value of a game.

My point is simply. What makes a $60 game a $60 game in your head? Why would you not spend the same on a mobile version?

What this boils down to for me is this. I have no hesitation buying GTA V for $60. In fact if I could afford the super expensive collectors editon I would buy that. I think its worth it based on past experience. I bought GTA IV collectors for $90 (I believe) and I've put over 100 hours into the game. My rule? I must get 1 hour for ever $10 I spend. I came to this rule feeling that I'm willing to go to a 90 minute movie for $10, so the interactive experience should be at $10 an hour.

But what about mobile games or free to play games? Why do I feel different about thoses? So I changed the way I think. If I'm gonna get 50 hours of play from a F2P game, why not spend money in it. I did this in Simpsons Tapped Out. I play the game daily for months. I didn't want to spend money in it because its a F2P mobile game, but I decided they have earned my money at this point. They got $20 from me. And one day they may get more.

So how do you judge that value? What makes you not pay when you are having fun?