Scribblenaut Beatles and Persona's Oh my!

Heya guys! Well, I just figured Id do a little blog about some of my most recent games I may be postin reviews on. 
First off is:  
I got this game on release and i must say it has inspired me, I really cannot wait to get a review up for it. 
Beatles Rock Band: 
well me and a few of my friends are gonna play through Beatles Rockband tonight and hopefully I can tell ya guys what its all about. 
and finally Persona 3 PSP. 
I already have all money down on it so I shall be getting it on release date and have a review up ASAP! 
also, Ive just been curious, I know quite a bit about 360, and my friend Dcpc tells me a lot of recommendations of what to get for PS3, but do we have any good PC or Wii gamers in the housde? I dont follow those markets too much and it would really be nice to get some guys knowledgable about those platforms to give me ome recommendations for purchases of games old or new. 
Well thanks a lot guys :) 

Got my PS3 slim

well IM happy to announce that the slim has added itself to my collection of games today. I do not own any games for it as of now. However tomorrow I am going out to buy Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clanke FUture TOD, and possibly Resistance (original.) I got teh slim, and so far other then a stupid internet connection error (stupid Uverse does this whenever I hook mystuff online...) things are goin great :D 
I hope to be online by later tonight and will start adding people. 
oh whoops just found out, its hooked up, time to add dcpc10...