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I don't know what's wrong with me everyone seems to love this game but I have gotten half way through it and it hasn't been fun for me at all. I love the arkham and the ac series but I felt like I was forcing myself to play this game more.

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I wish someone would do one of these for Mega Man X.

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I loved the first half hour of the first episode was bored with the middle and hated the ending but I might come back for this.

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For some reason Jeff in this QL reminds me of Jeff in the Double Dragon Neon QL.

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ZOE2 was literally a system seller for me so this is a insta buy.

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@Hef: I figured at least a 3 or 4 stars from Jeff on Fez from the way he talked about it. I would lean more towards 3 stars due to how you really have to want to delve deep into the mind-bending puzzles. I wasn't willing to invest a lot of time into the harder puzzles due to getting frustrated and on the verge of not having fun with it anymore. Still, Fez is worth playing just to see how well the 2-D style mixes with the 3-D gameplay.

How did you feel about Braid?

In many respects, it's a lot of the same design principles. Some aspects of Braid are maddening. If you want the 'simple, easy adventure,' both games suffice with minimal sense of reward; but if you're willing to invest your brain and time into the world, you get something so, so much more. Few games cater to that obsessive-compulsive gamer (beyond worthless collectibles), and I think the game should be commended for convincing me that Phil Fish is probably insane.

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I really didn't like Fez. The only challenge was trying to navigate the godawful map to find rooms that I hadn't already been in. The 3d stuff doesn't stop looking cool but it does not produce challenging/surprising puzzle platformer play... Also, I think there should be a decade-long moratorium on cute indie platformers.

If you think that there's no challenge, you have only played the game at surface-level. It's time for you to grab ahold of your inner Joseph Gordon-Levitt and go deeper. Bwong.

I loved Braid and didn't have to go to message boards at all.

But in Fez when you are at 31 cubes and the decoding stuff and the QR codes are staring you in the face I just get extremely frustrated. Also the map and the incessant backtracking didn't help.

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GB is still the same old uncensored GB. I mean, this video has a whole minute of Jeff just saying fuck over and over again.

People don't seem to get the "gradual" part of "gradual decline". The people who are concerned didn't think a switch was going to be flipped somewhere and suddenly the site would be a disaster. Hell, the account systems are not even being touched until April. If things are still running straight in six/twelve months, then you can start being somewhat optimistic, but dealing with CBS/Gamespot is always going to be gamble.

Either way, I'm out of here by association. I simply don't want to support CBS/Gamespot, and due to the merger there's really no way to support GB without also supporting them.

CBS had nothing to do with Gerstmanngate. It was the fault of a new management team at GameSpot, who were owned by CNET at the time. And more or less, most of those involved with the incident, are no longer associated with GameSpot.

Don't bother man, there are a bunch of people that refuse to actually listen to the facts and just want to go on complaining. They thought Gamespot was the devil for 5 years and nothing is going to change their minds.

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I think "Brad'ing it up" should now be renamed.

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great now all these songs are stuck in my head

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FOUR STARS? That's exactly equivalent to an 8, which (as we've established) is a objectively wrong score to give. I haven't played the game yet, but you should probably be fired.

Waiting to see how many people on the site don't understand sarcasm