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I didn't complete the game, should've specified that. :P

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I actually found the difficulty to be quite fair in the 7-8ish hours I've spent with it so far. That's probably because I'm aware that these games are meant to be sort of combat puzzles and you're supposed to die. I never felt the situation was insurmountable, though.

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1. Port this game to PC.

2. More mission variety.

3. Better story.

4. But mostly port this game to PC. That will solve pretty much everyone's problems about poor matchmaking and communication.

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@thatlad said:

I've noticed about players shooting rockets into the floor blowing themselves up, finishing the game with around 120 deaths. Seen it about 5 times now.

I assume they're trying some exploit, can anyone confirm?

First time I've got heavily into COD mp since BLOPS & MW2, would hate to see this game ruined like MW2 was with glitches bullshit

The game has skill based matchmaking, meaning that people are matched up against people of similar skill level, so they kill themselves over and over again to play against worse players.

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A lot of people post GOTY lists this time of year, but only a handful post games that they missed that they feel they shouldn't have. Long story short, here's a list of games I missed playing in 2014, but feel like I should've at least glanced at.

1. Legend of Grimrock II

Not too many games gave me much joy than Legend of Grimrock released in 2012 (an overall shitty year for games). That I missed it's apparently better sequel in 2014 is a crime. Luckily I do plan to play this one next year, but man.....Those old school feels.

2. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS

Ughhhhhhh how I wish I had a functional 3DS and a Wii U. Of course I missed out on perhaps my best guilty pleasure franchise because I was lacking the hardware. Fighting games like this and Divekick are perhaps not true fighting games, but they're more fun.

3. D4

I missed out on SWERY's latest insanity-fest because my Kinect broke. Pity, because this /was/ the reason I chose an XBOX ONE over a PS4 initially. Deadly Premonition is a great game, not perfect, but certainly worthy of its cult status and was made with a lot of heart. I wanted more of that, but it wasn't meant to be for 2014. I feel bad too because this game isn't selling well.

4. Hyrule Warriors

I do have a sort of fondness for the Warriors games and this one seemed to be the one chalk full of everything I wanted out of a Warriors game, but as mentioned, I lack the hardware. Simple combos, easy combat, but fun battlefield management...but now with Zelda characters.

5. Wasteland 2

I'm a fan of the old school turned based Fallout games. One problem...Divinity Original Sin came out and I wasn't in the mood for more that. I'm sure they're differences, but Divinity took my free time. Hopefully a Steam sale will make this more worthwhile as I do plan to check it out, but I had my fill for now, regrettably.

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1. World peace will be achieved. Call of Duty will be forced to change to Call of Gandhi to keep up with this trend.

2. Peter Molyneux will make HaZe 2 where you fart in people's faces and kick chickens while in power armor doing drugs.

3. Jeff and Dan will find Tupac and ride a unicorn on a rainbow with him, while Alex and Vinny find Biggie Smalls and also ride a unicorn on a rainbow with him. This starts up the West/East coast Giant Bomb rivalry.

4. Ubisoft, EA, and Activision join forces to become a cheesy 90s movie corporate villain.

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About 6-7 hours in and I don't like the side quest structure, which is as mentioned is MMO like. I don't care for helping people I barely know to gain power. I guess it's a podcast game and I haven't touched much of the story bits yet, so those might be a bit more directed. But, I dunno.

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Oh, huh, I thought this was going to be a remake involving over the shoulder "cinematic" camera angles. As someone who liked RE2 to an extent, I'm kinda looking forward to it...when it goes on sale.

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Totalbiscuit reported framerate drops when driving (it was very noticeable) and he had SLI 980s so that put me off quite a bit. Anyone else having that problem?