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I don't think Giant Bomb is supposed to be the place for debating who or whom we should/shouldn't hit.

Since when was there ever a topic that couldn't/shouldn't be discussed on Giant Bomb?


I don't think debate on whether or not we should hit old people/children is particularly riveting or inviting conversation. As for what's allowed on GB, that's for those in charge to decide. For my money, I don't think I would count on this lasting long. I said my peace in the beginning.

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I don't think Giant Bomb is supposed to be the place for debating who or whom we should/shouldn't hit.

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Anyone having trouble putting with arcade controls? I've always had trouble putting in these sorts of games and judging distance, power, and angle of pushing the stick is especially difficult in this game for me.

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I wouldn't base the value of the world based off people's behavior, as difficult as that can be. I've done some really fucking stupid shit in my day, as have pretty much everyone reading this. Human behavior is complicated, don't judge your own quality of life based on it.

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Mario RPGs have a sense of humor and charm in them that few can match. Not sure I'd call them JRPGs, tho. I need to replay Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door sometime.

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It's easy to forget that Gearbox employs/has employed A LOT of people over the years, some of them I'm sure are decent and trustworthy folk. There are a few narcissistic and untrustworthy individuals, sure, even some pulling the strings, but just remember that not everyone working for them or has spoken for them are elitist pricks.

I say let the products let themselves speak for themselves.

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I'm a rare breed, but I like me the occasional golf game. It's the only sports game I can get into. I haven't played any extensively, but it's something that's kinda relaxing for me. I couldn't get into the golf club due to the steep learning curve, but I'm enjoying this game due to its relative ease. The lack of content really does suck and I'm not defending the game for it, but for an occasional golf video game player, it's doing its job.

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Nintendo was always a company committed to fun. There's cynicism in some of their tactics like many major corporations, sure, but Nintendo always puts on a smile and a show and Iwata was a big part of that. RIP.

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I misread the title as "Jeff is enraged", I dunno why. Congrats, tho!

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Before they even knew what they had....they...uh....patented it, they packaged it and now they just want to sell it.