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Here ya go a video where a PC player plays one full game and spends the rest of the time in a lobby or on bad host.

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'Cause people are idiots.


If you're playing solo, you're not matched up based on region, but your skill level. It's not really that noticeable, however. So I can see why people don't really care. Once you party up with someone across the globe, however, have fun! You'll likely be stuck in a lobby for ungodly amounts of time and/or have terrible connections.

And I have two beefs with it:

1. They have a ranked playlist already.

2. It can be easily exploited by killing yourself over and over in a match.

So having it based on region for me would be better. I don't /hate/ the concept, but we don't live in a perfect world.

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I approve of your third poll option.

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Lethal League? Sounds like my kind of fighting game. Might check out sometime.

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I love Dynasty Warriors...particularly Hyrule Warriors that I got for Christmas. The main problem is that the game doesn't really tell people how to play it, if that makes any sense. That's why you see Jeff and Vinny talking smack about it, the game makes it feel like you just press light and heavy attacks and go wherever. The point is to pay attention to the battlefield and capture keeps so that you don't satisfy the defeat conditions while simultaneously pushing forward to the victory conditions, but the game doesn't really tell you that (at least the main Warriors games, Hyrule Warriors does a better job). The combat is also complex (or can be) as each character has different strengths and weaknesses to consider.

Simple fun that can be a good stress reliever.

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Steam has just become way too bloated for me and on those few rare occasions when I feel like I could play something on PC, I just can't decide on anything and rather go back to consoles.

I'm not sure what you mean by bloated - you seem to be saying that you don't like Steam because it offers too many choices?

I would argue that it fills its storefront with too much garbage and has very little quality control. In that sense it's bloated. Still love the hell out of it, tho.

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A person eh? Prove it

Ever play Binary Domain?.....We're people too ya know. :3

Haven't heard of Banished or Shovel Knight but they both seem like checking out.

Shovel Knight I have no qualm recommending at all. I feel it's a game everyone should check out. Banished, as mentioned, is a harder sell. It's just a game I liked for being the most engaging town builder I played in a long time. It's simple to learn, but really hard to master. It was also made by one person (as far as I could tell) and I'm all for supporting dem independents.

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Happy to be seeing some Alien: Isolation love! The only one on your list that I've played.

Yup, that game is pretty awesome and wasn't afraid to be niche, which I respect the hell out of.

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Had not even heard of banished, will definitely look into it.

I hate to be that guy but I don't get all the love Wolfenstein is getting, game did not gel with me one bit.

Banished is not for everyone. Look for some mods if you feel the game is lacking, but I found it a charming kind of city builder.

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Game over man! Game over! Alien Isolation.

The Creative Assembly would be offended! Kidding, but it's pretty misplaced, considering the game tries to avoid the style of the cheesy second movie.

I would highly recommend against playing it on Normal. The game isn't very hard. There are far too many crafting materials lying around, which was fixed by the new Nightmare difficulty, which unfortunately doesn't have a health bar. I've also heard that the alien is dumber on Normal.

I played it when it first came out, so no nightmare mode for me, but I could check it out. I could see why some people would argue that it's better on hard and for awhile I thought that was the case, but I felt the game was ultimately too random in some of its encounters and having the Alien slightly dumber helped me enjoy it a bit more.

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It's that time of year when people put games in random order because of reasons! My turn! Ready set...GO!

You got it! Stand by for....Titanfall!

I can see my house from up here! It's burnt down!

So disappointing that this game tried to put in some sort of story in a competitive shooter and failed. I like games that try and do something different in regards to design and the idea of a story driven competitive shooter seemed awesome, but hard to pull off. I figured that a new studio would have the guts to pull it off, but whatever. What's important is that Titanfall is a hell of a lot of fun to play. I played on PC, where sadly the playerbase is pretty non-existent these days, but in its hayday the fast paced movement combined with fluid controls matched well with the gutsy shooting fun. And those robots were fun too (or power armor, whatever)! While I sank more than a dozen hours into it, I wish the game had more content. Part of me likes the simple design as it leans more towards balance, and Titanfall is very balanced, but lacking. If you can pick it up cheap on Xbox One, it's well worth it. I just don't think it's quite worth the $60 for most people.

Game over man! Game over! Alien Isolation.

Grandma! What big teeth you have!

I started to play Alien Isolation on hard mode. It wasn't very fun for me. Turning it down to medium helped a lot and I recommend doing so for most people. While it may be frustrating for some, Alien Isolation proved to be a breath of fresh air for me. Rarely are you forced to run away from encounters in big budget games horror games. Alien Isolation makes you run away from those Joes (fighting them is usually a last resort), but you won't succeed running against the Alien. The alien is faster and stronger than you and will kill you in one hit. There are ways of surviving, but nothing is guaranteed, which is why this game is so divisive, but is why I fell in love with it. It drags, objectives are boring, and it can be random as to whether you live or die, but Alien Isolation is my horror game of the year simply because it's fun to be scared of the Zenomorph again.

Banished = Sim City but with cold, starvation, sickness, and death. Joy!

Damn you winter!!!

Ugh....I hated this game when I first played it. It seemed more like an endurance run than an actual game. There is no goal and everything will turn to shit anyway, so why bother? Then I remember Missile Command, that old arcade game from the 80s where it was basically an endurance run to see how long you could survive against a nuclear war, and I found the charm in the game. It's hard as hell, it's not for everyone, but for people wanting a city builder (or a village builder, rather) with a survival element, look no further than Banished. You have to plan ahead and be spontaneous. And there's no birth control, so babies happen and resources are dedicated to them, which is a problem. Mods help this game a lot and it has Steam Workshop support, which is great. If it's on sale during the Steam Holiday mess, check it out and look up some good mods. This game deserved more attention than it got.

Shovel Knight...It's a good 2D NES Platformer!

Silly Knight! Use a sword, not a gardening tool!

What a great game. Play it. It's a 2D platformer with a fair challenge, charming visuals, great 8-bit music, great boss fights, and cool RPG elements that capitalize on Zelda 2 in a good way. It looks like a hodgepodge of NES games from it's map over world to its boss fights to its RPG elements, but ends up being unique and well crafted. If you are a fan of the genre and more specifically an 8 bit enthusiast, you have no excuse. Pick it up.

And the winner is.....Wolfenstein: The New Order!

This is how you do difficulty selection, ladies and gentlemen.

The most fun I had this year was Wolfenstein The New Order. On the surface, it looks like a decent shooter with some cool story elements. For me, it's how that story meshed well with some great feeling shooting and satisfying stealth that made it all worthwhile. It had every right to be generic, but didn't. Everything was made with care. FPS is my favorite genre, and as it becomes more scripted and less fun year after year, it becomes less fun. Wolfenstein hearkened back to what makes the genre great. No weapon limit, no regenerating health, no press F for feelings, just give me dual wield shotguns, a bunch of Nazis, a cool environment and story, and you got me. The RPG elements (that are earned and well implemented) and replayabilty are just icing on the cake. It's my game of the year for 2014. Yay!


I didn't finish Divinity Original Sin, so consider that as a number 6, but that also deserves some love from the old school RPG lover. Oh and Dark Souls 2 was cool too. As was The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. As were a lot of other games!