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The Last Days. Not that boring Kurt Cobain thing, but a Spanish post apocalyptic film about everyone in the world getting fatal agoraphobia - if they go outside they have a heart attack. Better than it sounds, at one point they fight a bear in a church, which is awesome. 9/10.

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Wow...needed a minute there. Best of luck to you Scoops! You're one of the main reasons I come to this site. Looking forward to whatever comes next from you!

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@Akyho It's a familiar story. Finding work in Australia was tough too but luckily there's a big demand for English teachers in Japan. Right enough though, given the state of the world's economic markets anyone could lose their job and not be able to afford their Internet any more, or new games for that matter, so it seems very short sighted of Microsoft to have introduce these restrictions right now of all times.

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@planetary: It's an understandable view to take, given the lack of content that is forthcoming from some of the others. Regardless, all the best to Patrick!

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I move around a lot. Back home in Scotland (I left 3 years ago) I didn't have the Internet because I was too broke. I moved to Australia and ran the Internet from an incredibly expensive and slow dongle for a year because my apartment didn't have a phone line. I live in Japan now and finally have the Internet speed required to run an Xbone, only they aren't releasing it here because Microsoft are a punch line in Japan. Although I've been a 360 owner for 4 years now I can't purchase the new console, but I probably wouldn't anyway, so who cares? It's not for me.

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<p> @patrickklepek Will we get something about the 1up closure from you next week Tricky? Sad times, though many considered the golden years to be long past I still had a lot of time for the few, talented guys that were left there. I was wondering what your take on it was, especially considering your history with the site.</p>

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I can't get videos to work on my iPad either... I have faith in you guys, the site looks like its going to be great when the bugs get ironed out!

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@grimluck343: Brad has reviewed two games so far this year, and I'm not sure that a sporadic Jar time and an occasional Quick Look Everything from his bed room qualifies Jeff as productive. Hopefully now the new site is up and running we'll see more content from all those guys.

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Generally (from the site I mean, not from yourself) I'd just like to see more video features/reviews. All video content seems to be streamed these days and the lack of 'produced' content seems a bit of a swizz, especially for subscribers. Aside from yourself and Patrick I have a hard time figuring out what the other writer/editorial guys do half the time. Love the Guns of Navarro, so keep that up!

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