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F-Zero GX is the best racing game ever made.

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I don't think that's the case necessarily. For the most part, her videos are about pointing out patterns.

Patterns that she believes are fundamentally wrong. By that very definition, she believes things need to be different. She has failed to explain why everyone should agree with her. We didn't remove violence from games, why should games change with this topic du jour?

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What this discussion does, for us, is to finally have an excuse to break the mold. To open the way for new possibilities and argue that it is commercially viable. That the interest is there and we don't have to be afraid.

Things succeed or fail based on their quality. You don't need to argue them into existence. If people want to make games according to her doctrine, fine. They will ultimately be judged by how many copies are sold. Let the market sort out their value.

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I'd love for Anita to explain why she believes her views should be writ large on the medium of video games. She's nothing but the next generation Joe Lieberman but coming at it from a liberal bent.

Games are forms of expression that don't need to conform to her or anyone else's sociopolitical will.

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@extomar: People ultimately get paid what they are worth in a free market capitalistic society. So yes the U.S worker is lazy/evil for doing this. You make more money by providing more value with goods and services to those around you, not doing less and taking from those that provide more.

Don't make excuses for people.

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Thanks. I needed this.