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This is my first review for a game, and i think its a worth first start. 4 years i have been waiting for this game, 4 years. And boy was it worth it. Never in my life have i ever played a single player roleplaying game as detailed, as deep and as fun as this. So when you first start the game, you are in a prison cell, and this is where you hear the first of the great voice acting, Patrick Stuewet. He plays the emperor Uriel Septim. He comes up to you and talks about how he predicts his death, an...

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Addictive pleasure 0

Viva pinata is one of those rare games (no pun intended) that gets released. When this game was first announced people looked at this game and assumed that it was just gonna be a little kids with colourful creature and a farily basic gameplay experience. Boy, how wrong were we.In Viva Pinata you take control of your own garden. At the beginning of the game your garden looks horrible - theres junk all over the place, hard concrete with lots of cracks. Its your job to rebuild this garden to the ga...

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