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The concept is good but I'm not to sure about the excecution 0

22 June 1941.The Germans wrecked our wire network to undermine our communications. Ninety-nine German divisions, including fourteen panzer divisions, have deployed against us from the Baltic to the Black Sea.From now on we refer to those regions as the Western and Southwestern Fronts. In addition to the ground troops the Luftwaffe has attacked several airfields, destroying much of our air fleet.I have received my orders a few minutes ago. I'm to go to the Western Front in an attempt to stop the ...

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Not sure if this game will matter in the long run 0

On June 6 1984 Alexey Pajitnov changed the world of video games forever by releasing Tetris. From that moment on blocks would always matter in my favorite form of entertainment, something that developer Swing swing submarine wants to celebrate with their 2011 release Blocks that matter (BTM). It was up to me to find out if this celebration has turned out to be a party.BTM is charming right from the get-go. The art is simple but effective and the story is delivered with a good sense of humor. Vid...

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And Yet It is pretty fun, but short 0

Before playing :In 2009 indie developer Broken Rules released And Yet It Moves (AYIM), a 2D puzzle platformer with a twist.I don't know much about the game except that rotating the world is the main mechanic and that it's next on my list.I bought this game as part of Humble Bundle 4 in 2011. A bundle that also included Super Meat Boy, vvvvvv, Shank, bit.trip runner , Cave Story +, Cogs, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Gratuitous Space Battles, Hammerfight, Jamestown and Nightsky..I had already played Sup...

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My travels through Westeros were weird, sometimes fun but mostly confusing 0

Almost a week ago I said goodbye to my family and started my journey on The Kingsroad through Westeros. The journey only took me 5 hours but I believe I've seen enough of the scenery to tell you about my travels.I've been playing 'Game of Thrones - Genesis', a strategy game developed by Cyanide Studio based on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire.I wasn't sure what to expect so I jumped in the tutorial before anything else. About an hour later I came out the other end feeling a bit confused b...

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One more try 1

Super Meat Boy is a platformer that makes you cry as much as it makes you laugh. This is definitely a game that demands a download of the free trial before purchase because you'll either love it or hate it.    What appeals to me are the charming graphics, fun references and most of all the tight controls which help you steer through the sometimes insanely difficult levels. You can start and stop whenever you wish, land on exact pixels and change directions mid-air but it will take some practice ...

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