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@feathered: Don't feel down dude, no one is making fun of you. People do this, no matter who it is. Don't take it personally.

@brendan says it perfectly:

@brendan said:

This has been the greatest thread. Also, OP? Don't take yourself so seriously, this is a situation where you should just take a light hearted laugh at yourself and move on.

Don't worry too much. We all wank, there's no shame here.

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No one is saying anything mean about your sex life. This is just the natural discourse of comments that happens when one forgets they have a fleshlight under their desk.

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Dat ass.

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Games as a whole are not struggling to get players involved in storytelling, bad game storytelling is. The Last Of Us does it well, as do many other games.

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Why is his hand so big?

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The person who sent the message needs to chill. I sense a large ego and attention seeking.

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