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Dan seems like he's trying to ass kiss since they called him out.

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Really hoping for a double of new members and Ryan remembrance.

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Mayo, there is no contest. I will also settle for spicy mayo.

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We love you Patrick, and we all love Ryan too. Good luck and be happy, Patrick.

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@mr_skeleton: I see a Summer jam as something that reminds one of Summer. Anything can remind a person of Summer. I've listened to music in the Summer that I wouldn't consider Summer music, but listening to that music now reminds me of Summer. It can be anything, I'm not restricting people to pop tunes or anything.

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Chrono Trgger and Oblivion/Skyrim.

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for new music all the time, and now would be a worthy time to ask for some music for this season. What's your favourite music that reminds you of Summer? Music you remember listening to while it was Summer, music about Summer, music with Summer flavours and colours. I want Summer jams, just for Ryan.

I will start with a song and then I want suggestions with everyone's favourites.

Its good to get in good spirits on days like this, when we remember great people.

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What a day this has been. Ryan we love you so much <3

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Princess Mononoke 5/5