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OK, drew something. Inspired by HEAT 2-THE SEQUEL:

Alex is the fatalistic guy. He gets caught first.

This one is fucking ace

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Civ 5 is real solid, I really enjoy it, but I also find it a bit too passive. Shogun 2 is probably good as well, though I've never really dared to get close to those Total War games.

The Heroes of Might & Magic series is magical (huehue), but I don't know how much of it is nostalgia. HOMM 3 is definitely the way to go as someone mentioned above but I think the latest(?) installment is probably the second best.

I agree with dudeglove about XCOM, that game is fan-fucking-tastic. It made me really appreciate those types of turn-based combat strategy games (for which I should also recommend Shadowrun Returns) and I think I got into the Fire Emblem series via that game as well.

Speaking of other turn-based combat strategy games, I've heard good stuff about Valkyria Chronicles which came out for PC recently, but I don't know much about it other than that.

When it comes to Real-Time Strategy games, I think the Starcraft 2 campaign is absolutely wonderful to play for it eases newcomers into the game very nicely and not all of the missions are just "build base, kill enemy".

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This can't be srs

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Yes! More Oestreicher!

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It's a pretty cool video game. Also hats.
(This is also like a drop in the bucket compared to other Dota Men.)

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Man, I left london not two days before that. Really miffed I couldn't go :(

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I almost always have a gym membership running yet I go there maybe ten times a year. I really want to get into but I don't really want it, since I'm doing jack shit. I guess I just like the idea.

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What in the- This is amazing!

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Honey Badgers.