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Hi All,

Just finished listening to the latest Bombcast and was intrigued by the thought that while we all wait for the Xbox One or PS4 it may be better to purchase games that are published cross platform on Steam. I occasionally purchase games off of Steam (some that unfortunately won't play on my laptop), but think that the Bombcast's opinion is spot on.

So my question is how much should I expect to pay for a decent game PC? Do you think I can go into a Best Buy and pick one up or do I need to have one specially built on the Internet.

NOTE: I work with computers and hardware all day in a business setting, so I know how to make your Excel Spreadsheets or your x-ray PACs images run smoking fast, but don't have much of an idea on what I'm going to need to get Bioshock Infinite or Grid II looking good. Plus it is much easier spec'ing out a computer when you're not playing with your own money. :P

Thanks in advance,


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@jozzy said:

I feel kind of dumb. I have played minecraft, but I don't see the link with that design. Is that supposed to be a creeper face?

Don't feel dumb.... At first I thought it was a Deadmau5 tee shirt.

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I purchased Asteroids, Gravitar, and Centipede.  I really wanted to like Tempest, but the controls were too odd for me.  I was way to used to using the spinner / dial from the old arcade cabinet version.  I think if I purchase just one more title out of the initial releases, I'd either get Lunar Lander or Red Baron.  Both seemed true to the original arcade experience. 
OK, I'm old.  I had an Atari 2600, and an Intellivision.  I don't think I'd spend any money on those offerings seeing as I owned the most of the originals and kind of played them to death. 
How about what you'd like to see in future releases?  For me... Gorf, Tron, Xevious, Joust I and II, and Sinistar.  There was also one called Crystal Castle that I wasted a whole bunch of quarters on that I'd like to see ported. 
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Thsi week on PSN?  Maybe????  I've played the demo off of Steam and really liked it.  I'd rather purchase it, though for a console... it's too difficult to battle my family for the computer.  :)

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So.... It's been quite a while since I wrote about games.  School is monopolizing my time and I don't get all that much time to play serious video games (as opposed to casual games, which I seem to be an unwilling demographic). 

Yesterday I finished my second class in Java and decided to celebrate by picking up Resident Evil 5 for the PS3.  I only progressed about a half hour into it, and I'm enjoying it.  The combat is quite visceral as well as the cut scenes.  Usually I have a high tolerance in game violence, but this game has me a bit squemish.  Enough for me to trade the game in?  Heck no... but never the less it is having a bit of an effect on me.  As an aside, I never would have thought that this would be an issue.  I've ganked video game characters with the best of them... but something about this title resonates with me.  Yeah... I'm knee deep in infected, zombie like third world villagers.  No, but the combination of disease and the demented behaviour of the village populace is disturbing to me.   I'm getting too cerebrial about this.

The controls for the most part are good.  I like how side-stepping  has been incorporated into the movement scheme and for the most part I'm enjoying having a partner.  For the most part she isn't getting in the way and Sheva actually seems to be holding her own in a fight.  To be honest, she's doing better than me. (Hey, I'm old - cut the aged guy a break!).  I'm enjoying the tension of deciding whether to keep an item for myself or to give it to Sheva.  I'm curious to see how good the AI is in making sure that she has enough ammo or if I'm pretty much solely in control of how she's outfitted.  My son (a very precocious 9 year old) says that she'll take care of herself and to hord whatever ammo I find for myself.  Somehow, I'm doubtful on this strategy, but he seems to have a pretty good handle on fighting the first boss.  You know, the one with nails sticking out of his burlap covered head? 

End note - It's quite humiliating having a 9-year old take the controller out of your hand and saying 'Here... let me help you with that.'  I'm pretty sure I didn't do that to my dad when I was his age.

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Hi Yit,

I have the DS version also and thought that it was quite good.  I don't really see how this can be enjoyable when using a controller.  The DS stylus input was really clean and intuitive (although my 8 year old son could beat me at it by simply scribbling on the screen... so maybe the stylus wasn't the best method either. But hey, I liked it!).  What's so wonky with the controls?  This will definately be an impulse buy if I get in the right mood.