Games I Loved, Forgot, And Then Remembered Again Thanks to Jeff

 Thanks Jeff!
As a recently turned thirty-year old that started gaming at the age of five I feel pretty good about having a large catalog of game memories versus most of my peers. Due to a kid-filled neighborhood in the suburbs of DC I got a healthy dose of both console and PC gaming in the basements of my friends' houses. That said there are tons of classic games I forgot I played over the years for one reason or another. Thankfully Jeff has a much better memory than me (or maybe because he is a bit older) and will sometimes rekindle a long forgotten memory of a game I really enjoyed from my childhood but have since blanked on. Usually this leads to me screaming HOLY SHIT I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT GAME. IT WAS AWESOME either over IM or in person. In any case, here is a running list of said games.

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Posted by poserdonut

Motocross Maniacs was awesome

Posted by PrinceAshitaka

For the longest time, Return Fire was the ONLY 3DO game I had ever played, I played it many times at a friend's house. I also played it on... PS1?? Whatever, my point is, whenever that game came up in conversation, even directly after playing it, I could NEVER REMEMBER THE NAME!

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What an eclectic list :)  Hope he continues to blow your mind, I'd like to learn about more crazy games I'd never played.
I remember hearing about how Shadow Warrior was so awesome because it tried humor in a shooter.  Man...

Posted by Carlozz34

Played a lot of shadow warrior in my youth, really bizarre game.  Also remember playing blood at my friends place, something my parents didn't approve of,but those are some fond memories. That era of pc-gaming history is still my favorite, alot of great games coming out at the latter part of the 90s

Posted by Tokyo_Jesus

Jeff is older than 35?

Posted by erinfizz

My moment like this recently was when T & C Surf showed up in the Ride quick look. I had forgotten it completely until I heard that seagull noise and then instantly knew I had played it.

Posted by Aska

Return Fire is an amazing memory for me.  I also could vividly tell people about the gameplay but never remember the actual name of the damn game.

Posted by SaucySala

One of my friends has a box for Shadow Warrior. LOOKS TIGHT!

Posted by buzz_clik

I was really into the Build engine, even way past its prime, and so when I saw Shadow Warrior's enhanced version I was stunned. Stereotypes aside, it actually had some atmospherics to it (I used to love all the stormy stuff). Don't even start me on how much Blood I played, either.

Posted by fedorajay

I loved Return Fire for the PS1. The skull laughing at me whenever I died still haunts me to this day.

Posted by MeatBoy

You just gave ME a crazy flashback. I used to play the hell out of Motorcross Maniacs but I had totally blanked on it. When I saw that covershot it all came rushing back. Very cool.

Posted by Tondo

Oh man, Quarantine need to come back for sure. I didnt even really know how to play the game properly as a kid and I still loved it to bits !