Infamous 2 Demo Impressions

The PlayStation Store is back with a horde of content.  With the PSN beginning to get up to date with today's digital content, it also has sprouted new content for everyone to enjoy such as the Infamous 2 demo. 

Cole and Lucy
The demo was an unexpected surprise since the demo was released almost unannounced until the day the store went back up. Which has also brought to light that the retail release is less than a week away.  The demo starts off with a recap of the franchise's first game in a motion comic form and gets you up to speed of what you missed or may have forgotten.  After the intro, the game begins with Cole arriving in the new setting New Marais along with newcomer, and person you'll most likely report to, Lucy Kuo.  They first arrive with the task of getting in contact with a doctor that has some connection with Kessler and Cole's powers.   This is where the player gets familiar with the controls and Cole's powers.  For the most part the controls and feel of the game seem very similar to the first Infamous game.  Players of the first game will be in familiar ground while new comers will need time to get accustomed by the awkward movement and aiming components. 
Platforming and Fighting
Players of the original Infamous will come to familiar grounds when it comes to Cole’s powers.  He has the standard small lightning bolts, grenades, shockwave, and rocket launcher type powers each modified depending on the karma you have chosen to take.  The modications totally make up for the other wise standard weaponry.  In the demo, there are hints of new powers that allow you to pick up cars and project them at enemies and the ability to create mini tornadoes that can take care of groups of enemies.  Along with a new melee system that works similar to the first Infamous, but the new camera angle that is utilized during the melee is impressive. 
Overall the feel of the game is very similar to its predecessor.  Don’t let that fool you since the game offers better visuals, destructible environments, and better in-game cut scenes with impressive voice overs.

Addicted To...

Game Dev Story on the Android.  This game really takes you through an engaging process of making games without all the long meetings, hours and stress.  It is incredible at how much the developers really put thought into making such a simple game really interesting. From the game awards to the new game systems that continue to be announced. Which leads to the question as president, "Do I want to invest on this new system? Or do I want to invest on an already established system?" 
These kind of decisions hit you all the time in Game Dev Story and it is really exciting to see the consequences. 


Currently Playing...TOO MANY GAMES

This past Thursday, the PlayStation Store received its best update since its launch.  The update contained not 1, not 2, but 3 full fledged games, which are Wipeout HD, Mega Man 9, and Burnout Paradise.  So being the gamer that I am, I could not resist the temptation to buy all 3.  Yes. All 3 for an approximate price of $60.  Which I think is not a bad deal because it is almost equivalent to one full PS3 game.  So now I am playing 3 games at the same time.  I have been playing these games everyday since last Thursday (About 5 days). So I decided to give my first impressions on these games.

Mega Man 9

I never thought I would EVER see another (NEW) 8-bit Mega Man again in my life.  But Capcom seriously s urprised the hardcore gamer community. 
Dragons, Dragons, Dragons
My first pla y-through with this game and instantly I felt like I was a kid again struggling to beat Mega Man 3.  All the menus are in 8-bit qu ality and the game even brings back every single sound byte that you remember from Mega Man.  The cool upbeat rhythm when choosing a stage, the intro music to each boss when you are about annihilate each (insert word here)-man, and almost every element of this game will remind you of the great past time every gamer kid used to spend on their favorite 8-bit Mega-Man.The game even brings online rankings where you can track game completion times and see who has the most dedication to beat the game in less than an hour or if you can see if you can beat the game in less than 30 min to gain bragging rights over "teh internetz".  Also I noticed there is a in-game rewards system which is r eally great considering the game doesnt support trophies.  The rewards, however, seem a bit ridiculous.  Who is going to beat the game without taking damage?  I guess someo ne can try.  But that someone won't be me.  Altogether the game brings alot of old school 8-bit era goodness while integrating some of the new features such as online rankings.

The Rundown


  • Old-School 8-Bit Era Goodness!
  • In-game rewards system
  • Online Rankings


  • Nothing as of yet

Burnout Paradise

A shot of Burnout Paradise on the PSN.

Criterion games has to be at the top of the list of best game developers out there.  Ever since the release of Burnout Paradise, they have been constantly updating the game with new updates and keeping the gaming community posted on what is to come.  I have been wanting to buy burnout since it has come out, but sadly other games have overshadowed this great game.  When I found out its coming to the PSN, I was excited at the most.  Plus I find myself playing more from downloadable games from my hard drive.
That being said this game is great.  $30 for the game, plus trophies, new night option, and BIKES.  This game I've probably played the most because there is so much to do and it never gets old for me.  The graphics are amazing, along with the great sounds of engines roaring makes the experience alot better.  Maybe the most impressive feature (for me) is how easy the online works.  There is no lobbies to wait in, no loading, and no sign in to bother you.  There are many events to keep you busy in Paradise City.  The ability to unlock cars, destroy billboards, and find all hidden shortcut roads to help you win the race keeps you busy for a long time.
My only problem would have to be the way the races and events are.  You can't restart to try again if you lost the race.  You have to go ALL the way back to the street light
where you started and stop and press R2 and L2.  Then lose again (like me) and go all the way back to try again.

The Rundown


  • Tons of Events and Cars to unlock.
  • Bikes
  • Full support from Criterion Games
  • Graphics and Sound (Music is kinda bad, but custom soundtrack make up for it)


  • Not being able to retry races.
  • Where is the person driving the car?

WipEout HD

1600mph...1700...1800...He's gone...

The long awaited PSN game.  Well. For me it was.  And at a surprising $20.  You get tracks from the very good wipeout games from the Playstation Portable WipEout Pure and WipEout Pulse.  The graphics are gorgeous.  The music is just right.  The controls are responsive. And best of all the game mode Zone is back!  I've played this game for quite a bit and overall, I believe it is the best game on the PlayStation Store out now.  The online gameplay allows for 8-Player races and lag seems to be absent in every game I have played.  The game also supports trophies.  The trophies are fair.  Some are VERY easy to get (Take a in-game photo), while others are close to impossible (Zone 75?).
There is only one problem I have encountered.  There seems to be a bug in the  game where I attempted to race online and the game would freeze.  I restarted 4 times in one play-through until I just decided to play offline which had no problems.  According to Kotaku, the WipEout team is working on this "freezing" problem, which is great.

The Rundown


  • Gorgeous Graphics.
  • Custom Soundtracks is integrated uniquely in the game.
  • Online Play is smooth.


  • The annoying bug freezing my PS3 when I try to play online.

In Conclusion, I think my $60 went well spent.  The PlayStation Store is definitely gaining momentum with great games releasing and theres no need to pay an extra fee to access them.  If you want to pick up ANY of the above game.  Don't Hesitate!  They will not dissapoint.