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I`m so in!!

GT: k4tsurago

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Hey Guys, 
I'm a big fan of the Game Room Quicklooks like many other GB users so i thought: Wouldn't it be great to have all Game Room QLs on a DVD or something? I would totally pay $20 for it if it would come with a nice cover and some "bonus features". 
How about you?

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I need to say that I was a little bit disappointed. Aside from all the video game references it felt like zombie movie no. 19. 

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Well, even though I'm german i guess a song in english wouldn't count so i go with "Seryoga - King Ring" from the GTA4 soundtrack 

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Holy shit... paper mario is expensive(GER & UK)....wether it's the N64, Wii or GC version. WOW! 

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The good thing is that all of the recommended games are pretty cheap so i probably will end up getting not only one to have another option if one game should annoy me... brb clicking buttons on amazon ;)

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@KaosAngel: @spazmaster666: haha, you guys have the complete opposite opinions. I'm confused!  
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Wow! Thanks guy for all the responses.  
It seems like it comes all down to some Mario based stuff. Funny that i've never thought about these games but i'll probably go with one of them. Also: The whole "Mario universe" is a pretty familiar and simple one so i wouldn't have to get into some weird japanese story stuff(although i like weird japanese stories) which would let me focus on the whole rpg part of it.
I suppose the Mario games are also games which won't take me 130+ hrs to finish...which would meet one of my conditions for "light" jrpgs.  

I also thought about FFXIII at one point but that 10hr tutorial stuff i've heard about had really turned me off tbh.

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I never really got into JPRGs for some reason. The last one i've played was Secret of Mana for like 2hrs until i got bored...well actually I'm not sure if Secret of Mana would even count as a JRPG. 
Any of you guys got suggestions for a "light" JRPG for a action-RPG spoiled person?

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