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I think 8-4 play partnership is great.

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I'm not sure there's a lot of discussion value here. Looks like a generic Facebook update or something.

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It's all been downhill since '08, imo.

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what else do you like

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Let's save this thread! Duders assemble!

I've listened to a few 8-4 Play podcasts and thought they were pretty good but I have no idea who they are. A translation studio or something?

I think the Japan-centric nature of 8-4 Play is a good compliment to the Giant Bombcast which is admittedly lacking on that front.

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Pretty much was a facebook post. Didn't know what else to say. lol.

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Please, go on. I'm intrigued...

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@Ravenlight Yeah, they're a translation studio. Two of the three founders, Mark McDonald and John Ricciardi are OG writers from the good old days of EGM and 1UP. I have fond memories of reading both when I was growing up
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I also like dogs and pizza

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I'm hungry

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@solideffect said:

I also like dogs and pizza

I know you mean hot dogs and pizza, but what about actual dogs and pizza? Not necessarily eating dogs while also eating pizza, but say, having a pizza-party with lots of dogs around? That would be aight in my book.

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@Ravenlight: Garnet from Weekend Confirmed usually does something with those guys around TGS time. If you listened to like old 1up from before the fall you will hear a lot of familiar voices.

And I agree they are an interesting counter-balance to the Bombcast.

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You don't have to post to the forum to get the achievement.

I don't know why I bother telling new people this as they keep doing it and they did it already so it's not like they can take it back. Mainly it's the super slim chance another new person will read it and go "Oh that button to attach it to the forums... I totally DON'T have to check that to get this random achievement. That makes sense since, you know, cluttering the forum when I don't actually intend to write a blog or start any discussion is rather rude of me. I will not click that."

haha, I wrote a little story there. Full of adventure and mystery, and even parts that make you sad.

Now that I'm done being silly- welcome to Giantbomb!

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@CornBREDX: Absolutely correct and I apologize but......pizza and dogs are pretty cool.


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Dogs are delicious.

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It's best not to post your blogs to the forums if they don't have any conversational value. Thanks!