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  • Periferal issues conditioning creativity: the portrayal of sex, feminism;

I disagree that sex and feminism are peripheral issues, but let's leave that aside for a moment. What evidence is there that the increase in new kinds of criticism has in any way constrained or inhibited creativity in games? What an odd thing to bring up alongside broken games and aggressive DLC plans.

I was thinking about Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the males choices for romance, that players have been criticizing. There isn't a character portraying the a more classic damsel.

I don't know why you'd expect to find classic damsel characters in a game about men and women getting together to save the world, but to be fair, Mass Effect did have some that came much closer to filling that role than anyone in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I do have to question why so many of the characters are not available as romance possibilities, though. That even includes the lone black female character, which seems oddly limiting for a game that was planned with diversity in mind.

As to what you said, Josephine can be romanced, and that character isn't exactly a warrior.

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I respond to a lot of what Patrick writes and hosts on this site, but if there's any point ever that I can get across to @patrickklepek (aside from approaching every person and situation with reason and love) it's to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop giving Tevis Thompson an audience. His hate filled acrimonious nonsense is the prime example of the barriers being needlessly put up by games writers to their audience and vice versa.

He's a Troll. And a Troll of the worst kind, the kind that agrees with you. The kind that takes any point you may want to make, and pushes you back, screams over you, and starts a fight.

Every time you get people calling you a SJW, every time people accuse you of click-bait (claims which, yes, are all dumb), you have people like Thompson to thank. Because they approach the spark of those unreasonable, wrong attitudes, and throw some ignorance gasoline on it.

If you have any interest and hope for the important "conversations" happening in games currently, let Thompson yell alone where no one has to hear him. He justifies the hate, and stifles the reason. He has to go.

Well said. Reading those comments, and the smug "my opinion is obviously correct" attitude reminds me the opinions I used to have regarding music when I was 20 or so. If I could, I'd like to go back in time and slap myself in the face.

You might want to reconsider promoting such things, Patrick.

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Good news for MS, seeing as it's a massive franchise, and will now remain exclusive to Microsoft. Good news for Gears fans, as they know more sweet chainsaw bayonet action will be coming sometime down the road. Good news for developer Black Tusk, as they should have some job security for a while. Good news for Epic, as I'm sure they're ready to move onto something else. And good news for me, because I couldn't care less about the Gears franchise at this point, and don't really care about seeing it available on PS4.

Call me crazy, but I think trilogies should end with the third one. I never did pick up a copy of Judgement.

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How about a top ten small-breasted women of Mortal Kombat? No?

What about a top ten non-muscular men of Mortal Kombat? Not that either, huh?

Oh well. I tried.

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" You can make the argument that no one would be outraged if this was a male torso with the same lack of bodily features, but c'mon. It’s different when it’s a woman" 
Now that is some sexist shit.

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I'm 21 and i have no fucking clue who Oliver North is, and I will not read a history book, especially if it is to learn about the 1980s.
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A few quick thoughts I'd like to share:

Graphics seem like just about the least important factor for a game like this.

A game review should answer the question "how good is this game at what it does?" rather than "how good is this game compared to other genres?"

I'm not a big fan of this genre either, but it seems to me that the review itself can be wilted down to "Physics puzzle game on the 360 in 2012? Who cares?" and that strikes me as a shame.

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I liked these guys a lot more--as in, I didn't loathe their music and want to kill people when I hear it--when they wanted to be A Tribe Called Quest.

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I'm insane to think this won't sell Black Ops numbers right?

At this point I honestly have no idea. With every installment some people are always going to proclaim it to be the downward slide financially but I don't think it's possible to predict at this point.

Black Ops is the highest selling COD title to date, which pretty much makes it the highest selling modern video game, with 12 million units sold on the 360 alone.  Before it was released, Black Ops had the highest number of pre-orders of any video game in history.  MW3 already has broken the Black Ops pre-order record, and the game still won't be released for another three months.
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Oh Capcom, you think I'll give you money for this?! You so silly. No 16:9, no noticeable graphical updates, AND you messed with the menu music? Yeah, I'll stick to my Dreamcast copy, thanks.

16:9 - It's an option. 
Graphical updates - It's an option. 
New music - It's an option. 
You didn't really watch the video, did you?  Then again, I can't blame you too much.  They took way too long to explain all the enhancements and new features.  Try this video instead: