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@blake_brown said:

I'm actually very interested to see who wins in the BF3 vs MW3 sales race, a part of me wants EA to lose just because of how dumb they've been for creating this publicity-hungry feud in the first place. plus, by many accounts, they forgot to make a noteworthy game with which to "compete"

Well, Infinity ward have never made a game better than BF3, so they`ll have one hell of a time topping this one.

Come on, CoD is the lowest common denominator when it comes to FPS`s. BF3 is going to push hard against it, surely it wont sell as much, but the time of the one man king is over.

And it`s about time too. The less mindless slugs purchasing the next CoD game just because the other dudebros do the better.

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@Jadeskye said:

@DaBuddaDa said:

Bad Company 2 has sold upwards of 12 million copies. I'm not sure where the "5 million" number came from.

i don't know where you pulled 12 million from. that would make it one of the best sellers of all time which it isn't. Bad company 2 sold around 6-7 million total.

Think it sold around 11million. 12 million is probably a little high of an estimate. It was an extremely successful game.

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In general, mobility is always better than armor. If you never get hit, it doesn't matter how much armor you have because you take no damage. You should wear armor you feel comfortable moving in. It's perfectly doable to never get hit by anything with the slowest roll, but it takes considerable skill and timing to line up the invincibility frames of heavy armor with the damage frames of attacks.

Generally speaking, Dark (and demon's) souls are easier to play with lighter armor because it allows more room for error when dodging. Always remember to drop your guard to regenerate stamina quickly, and always be strafing your enemy. The Big Knight in the undead Parish cannot hit you if you strafe circles around him correctly and roll just before his attack would hit you.

Make sure you're locked on!

In short; yes, absolutely. Mobility is generally considered better than armor due to how dodging works, but remember that the better you get the more confident you are in your footwork with heavier armor.

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Squads work for me. Framerate seems fine, Only issue i've had was falling through the floor into the abyss.

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What a terrible article.

First of all, Quantic Dream has no choice in what their game costs. That's up to Sony, the developer.

As a producer of goods, I believe his issue is that he is upset that more people didn't feel his game was worth retail pricing. That seems to be what I get out of the article.

He's also not saying he lost 1million sales, he's saying that there were 1 million people willing to play the game that he could not sell it to. Of course, as a game developer, your number one priority is to make as much money as possible, so obviously he's going to be aiming to figure out how to sell the game to those extra 1 million people.

He's not an English native speaker and I just feel that this article is being highly misinterpreted by those who read others work and spit it out in a different way.

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@TheSpartanDon: You pay for access to internet services and bandwidth you already pay for with live, so why would that be unreasonable?

I don't support paying for either service, because both are massive rip offs, but still.

They definitely have some issues with their patching. However, since the quality and quantity of their exclusive games has been the diamond of this console generation, I tend to not care too much.

That being said, I've never had any issues with it except once I believe I had to wait about 10 minutes.

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The reason this is the case is because of how the video game industry evolved over the last 10 or so years.

The industry has exploded, and, sadly, the massive growth has swallowed up and smothered all room for creativity and exploration.

I'm sure many developers explore and look at creating strong, independent female characters with depth, but how would you sell that game?

The demographic is extremely lopsided. The vast overwhelming majority of frequent game buyers are males aged 12-19. With the higher percentage being around 16-17 years old.

If you cannot sell your game to males ages 14-18 your game will more than likely fail to catch a wide audience and be a financial success for your publisher.

If you extend that further you examine what types of games will sell. If it doesn't have guns, it probably isn't going to sell well. If it doesn't have a competitive multi player component, it probably isn't going to sell well.

This is true for pretty much every game that does not come from an existing fan base or franchise recognition (Mario, Final Fantasy, etc.)

There are exceptions. The only problem is that when creating that exception you are taking a risk. As a developer and a publisher making money is always your primary objective. Never ever let that out of your mind when discussing games. They are tools to make money. Taking additional risks is not wise, and that's why you don't see many female leads. (And that sucks :()

If you take those games that are successful, for example, gears of war, and make it a strong female lead but leave the entire game the way it is, would it sell well? Probably. As well? not even close. The market penetration is in large part due to the gore fest and male nature of the game. Would a strong female ass kicker be awesome as a main character with those gameplay mechanics? damn right it would. But you can't sell that to young boys, and that's the goal here.

To look at an example you used with Deus Ex, of course it could of worked with a strong female lead, but still, it wouldn't sell as well. People like us would probably be more excited to buy it. I know I would... but we're a small insignificant portion of the game market. If every single person who ever used giant bomb never bought a game again most game publishers wouldn't care a single bit. They have one goal, and that is to sell to your rap loving, club going, body building men.

Blaming games on this is stupid. Society as a whole still, even at this very moment is pushing women into the same role. Every popular music star, every tv show, clothing lines, fashion, it all creates a world where women are perceived to not be strong.

It's terrible. If my fiancée wasn't a strong woman I'd have no interest in her. She's a black belt, would kick my ass, is studying to be a doctor and would crush anyone I know in Quake, and to sum it up she's extremely beautiful.

If only more were like her. The fact is they're not.

But that isn't really sexism. The fact is that the majority of women in the world do fit into the roles games put them in. And when you have overly sexual women in games, 9 times out of 10 they are accompanied by overly sexual men as well.

It's just as bad to portray every man in the world as a hulking ripped 7 foot tall man as it is to portray all the women with giant breasts and perfect ratios.

Women who complain about that are actually the only people being sexist in those cases.

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WH40K: DoW + expansions and DoW2 + expansion to get into the mood for space marine.

Going to get around to playing Metro 2033 tomorrow since I never played it when I bought it on sale.

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If you're the kind of person that plays Black Ops you are probably better suited for an XBOX 360 anyway. The less people buying such filth on the PS3 the better. That being said, enjoy whatever games you enjoy and be happy. 

The PS3 has, without a question of doubt , the best games catalogue for this generation of consoles. You miss out on far more not having the PS3 than any other console. 

But if puckering up for every rehashed version of the same old CoD is what you like to waste your money on the PS3 isn't where it's at.

#10 Posted by SparkEngineer (69 posts) -

Starcraft BW or Starcraft II. The hands down greatest competitive games out there. 

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