My Personal (Negative) Opinion on Skyrim/Elder Scrolls

I'm sorry, but to me, all Elder Scrolls games are overrated. The quality of gameplay is good, but not impeccable. I feel like some enemies are cheap and the first person view just plain gets you killed at times, in my experience. There are always bugs. They've had a bad history with graphical issues (have you SEEN the faces in previous games?). The first person melee is nauseating, but of course that doesn't apply to everyone, even though I have NEVER had that problem with other FP games. I don't know, i just simply do not find any interest in playing Skyrim. It looks moderately pretty (but with games like Batman and Uncharted, the graphical prowess isn't mind boggling), but I just don't love anything about it. Please explain why YOU love it so much?


Battlefield 3, Short Rant

I can't stand all of the people who are removing their pre-orders because of a beta. The beta is, at the present date, approximately two months old. How ridiculous is it that people assume the final game will be like that? You should know that DICE has been working on that since well before it was officially released to the public and has most indubitably put in some sleepless nights since that point in time.

For those that don't realize, it probably takes about a month for the beta to be released to the console public (i.e. PSN and XBL users) so they probably had a beta for the beta to make sure it was appropriate for the target audience. It makes sense. The weeks that takes, they probably dealt with some of the glitches such as falling into the Earth it being impossible to get back out (sometimes not even being able to kill yourself with a grenade to reset yourself), the hit detection, etc.

I don't even want to bother with the people who want the laser and flashlight turned down. I understand wanting it changed for teammates, or wanting it off when you respawn, so you can click it on at your leisure. However, people complaining because you can't see someone are simply not good enough at the game. Based off the location of where they light is, you should be able to aim at the center (or just slightly below it), knowing where your target reticule is. From there...pull the trigger. Then they die. it was that easy for me.

It's a ginormous disadvantage when people have it on from across the map. Makes them especially noticeable to the snipers in the game. Everything has their negatives. I can't even tell you how many times I was able to save myself because I saw the laser pointer in my eyes, then bolted another direction. You take the good with the bad, and you take risks using those things. People need to stop complaining and adjust to games.