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Fantastic. Well done Lemon

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Another job well done, Lemon.

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What are you doing making that when you should be working on the Fear Gauntlet?

Nah, just kidding.

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Why, when I saw all those Drews, did I think of this:

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Man, Vinny's Day-O rendition killed me during the podcast.

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jeff needs to grow a beard

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I love how you make Ryan laugh. Gets me every time.

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the gunshot/drop the mic/awesome bit when Jeff drops his 9/11 bomb cracked me up.

Lemon has talent for these videos.

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The "or If you don't give an eff" Jeff face and ryan's laugh is hilarious.

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Ah man, love it. And again, my favorite shit is the random Drew crap going on in the background!

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That was great!

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Hah! Funny stuff. Keep the good videos comin', Lemon.

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Everyone of these videos is a classic, watch each one at least once a day, keep em coming

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Brad lives in PATRICK'S HAIR!

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The 2011 elevens didn't fall over like Jeff said, they ALL fell over.

Otherwise, good.

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Keep it up, Lemon. The flipping Drew was pretty hilarious.

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That was surprisingly good.

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It was good, but it ended way too abruptly.

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keep these up, as always these are fun.

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this is fantastic

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Quality stuff, the 9/11 joke really tickled me.

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ever since brad did the photobombed jeff, it's been used in like..... EVERYTHING!!! thats a good thing though.

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great stuff

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@jkuc316 said:

Brad lives in PATRICK'S HAIR!

I lost it during that part. So unexpected!

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Always brilliant. Completely lost it with Brad coming out of Patrick's hair!

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Patrick's "Y"stance gets me every time.

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That was amazingly hilarious, as per usual. I love the Photobomb Brad pic coming not from behind, but OUT OF Klepek's 'fro.

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These are pretty great. 
They have become a lot better since the first one too, so keep it up!

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ha ha

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This reminds me that i haven't seen Michael Keaton in any movies recently. They should make a Batman Beyond movie where he plays Old Bruce Wayne.