I've recently have gotten into magic and I cant help wondering if there a strong population of Plains walkers in the giant bomb community. The only real problem is.. I don't have deck building experience, and most of all im to lazy to look it up on the net. But hey at least i know how to play the damn game! I reacently build a half assed red deck :(


Apple Vs. PC

I'm a college student looking to buy a laptop and i don't know either to get a pc (laptop) or Mac (mac book pro). Mac's are awesomely designed and well structured, and laptops (pc's) are all plastic and feel cheap. I lean towards the pc because im used to windows seven (being my current OS). wut ones the better buy in the long run?



Halo reach is out now, but by the time you finish it will you be satisfied? When it was released I thought: Why do I care about reach? A stupid planet. Knowing the end before you begin feels redundant in nature, but after playing it felt good to get back to the old. Bungie succeeded in putting out a new halo game with polished core mechanics that all the halo games shared from the beginning. All the guns feel familiar enough to put you back in your halo shoes, but story lacks in the end. For this to be a perfect halo game Bungie needed to refine the story telling to keep it in sync withintense gameplay. It was a good game. Will you back? Mebbe Co-Op with a friend? How do you feel about Halo Reach compared with halo three?