It's a good thing Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer isn't competitive

Bugs aside (we all like clipping through the ground, right?) Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is a bit... unbalanced. Specifically, there is one uh.. Class/Race combo (I guess) that is just ridiculously better than anything else. Human Vanguard (I didn't check if other Races of Vanguard can get Biotic Charge/Nova, because if so, them too.) It's pretty much too good. I put up a demo of what it looks like when you roll your face across your keyboard while using this setup ( As you can see, after 3 or so waves I'm already 6x the points on the 2nd place guy. This is typical. I've had 100k+ games on Bronze difficulty. That's Insane. Luckily it's just Co-op and having an absolute motherfucker on your team is actually helpful because if you get to the end, everyone wins. However, if this was competitive, that shit would get fixed faster than a Biotic Charge kills a Husk.

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