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thank you, and you are very much right. it is very stupid. also real dumb that they don't have all the dog breeds available from the start. ohwell. thank you much though.

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So my girlfriend bought this game for herself, Xbox 360 version, and when she goes in to create herself on it, her sim has all this makeup and whatnot on her and she can't take it off no matter what option she goes into. Can anyone help me and my girlfriend out here? We'd very much appreciate it. Thanks

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i got a 3ds xl for xmas. the blue one with mario kart 7 pre-loaded. i got super mario 3d land and OoT 3d as well and kh 3d. any good tips i should know in regards to street passing or whatnot? friends list stuff? anything in general in regards to the system. i'll grab pushmo and crashmo eventually. just tryin to enjoy the starting games i have right now.

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sleeping dogs for sure. solid game play, great characters and character development, solid john woo style story, and a very near authentic open world that you can just roam around doing whatever you want really. you can say some of the same for far cry 3, but the characters that are real solid get squandered and the story takes a plunge about half way through. pick sleeping dogs and get the wacky dlc that is for it as well if you have the extra cash.

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go get HoMM 3 and live your life happily

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so i was playing for a couple hours earlier and got to my first strikeforce mission when i had to go do some homework for my french class and so i turned the game off. i just turned it back on and all my progress is gone. wtf?? does campaign mode not save your progress anymore? what is going on? can someone help me out here? i just spend 5 hours on homework and wanted to just relax a bit and then this happens. ugh....

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i've had numerous crashes on my side so i know how ya feel. it's super frustrating, but for some reason i keep going back to it. i'm havin weird problems of the game bugging out during cutscenes with crazy screen tearing and just jankiness all over. idk what the deal is with it but hopefully firaxis will put out a patch sometime soon for this stuff though.

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suikoden. that series deserves so much better than how konami treats it. such a crying shame. those first 2 games were great. i would even dare to say a part of the top ten rpgs of all time. the suikoden series deserves better.

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congrats to the both of you. :) i will be sending you the code soon. it is for the xbox version so hopefully that's the version you have. if not then i apologize as i realize i should have clarified that in the original post. you came close but i do have a consolation prize for you though if you happen to be a pc gamer. pm me if you happen to be and we'll hash out the details. thanks, guys :)

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Anyone want this code? I traded in my copy of darksiders 2 today to finish paying off my girlfriend's reserve for RE6. If you want it then you'll need to answer this two part question. First person to respond with the right answers will get the code in which I will pm you with it.

Here's the question: In super robot wars OG for the gba, what were the names of the 2 main characters and what were the names of their theme songs they have?

Good luck :)