Ode to fanboys

Now I know you all are wondering,

Which console is the best?

Now I'll tell you know quite simply,

Its the one that I posess.

The Xbox 360 just isn't for me,

I dont wan Halo, or Gears of War three.

"The wii is for Babys!"

"It smashed my tv!"

"It has the worst graphics!"

"I hate the Miis!"

Dont get me started on Playstation three,

Cant sony come up with a brand new ip?

Modnation Racers?

Thats Mariokart,

And LittleBigPlanet's just dumb modern art.

If its not the Xbox Playstation or Wii,

Surely I have to be thinking PC!

If that was your hope, then I'm here to crush it,

I cant afford one on my meager budget.

What good are graphics?

I always say,

When you have to spend thousands of dollars to play.

Now I will tell you the console for me,

Well duh, of course It's Sega CD!