Some initial impressions on Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

So Ace Attorney HD trilogy came out today. I have the first Phoenix Wright iOS port that they did years ago. When you first boot the game, it does a "checking for past purchases" thing and I thought, oh cool they'll check that I have the first Phoenix Wright and give it to me for free. Sadly that is not the case and only the first two cases from the first game are available for free.

I played through the first case, which oddly remains one of my favorite cases in Ace Attorney. The artwork is definitely better and is smooth and not pixelated however sprites still only have about 3 frames of animation. Menus are a bit sluggish and the frame rate drops a little during the camera pans. Snooping around online, apparently the HD collection uses the original GBA soundtrack as opposed to the remastered DS tracks, which is a bit of a bummer but not really a deal breaker. Also apparently the game doesn't have support for the iPhone 5's increased resolution so theres a letter box when you play. Some screens:

I'll probably buy the entire thing again at some point. I've played the first one several times already but its been awhile since I played 2&3. I barely remember anything about Justice for All other than the potential bad ending and how much I hate Franziska.

*edit: Just tried the "Everyone Object" social feature. Sadly the character limits are even less than Twitter.


New DSi

Just got my DSi. I will admit I got it for the new Pokemon game although I did manage to get all of the Ace Attorney Games and the Advance Wars games for a reasonable price off of e-bay. Looking to get Elite Beat Agents, Fire Emblem and World Ends With You sometime soon. Maybe Trauma Center as well.