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It's never too late for Sleeping Dogs.

Get it for the PC, it looks gorgeous and you can get the complete edition on steam for $15.

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I don't know, for me the golden ball was always more of a symbolic award rather than "hey, this was the best player hands down," so it kind of makes sense that Messi got it. My choice would be Schweinsteiger or Robben.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this World Cup as much as I have. Too bad for Holland but there's always next time.

Duder, it's over!

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Too bad Van Persie wasn't in top form. Then again, you could say that about every player in the World Cup.

It should be an interesting and even match. Germany is arguably the better team, but Argentina will have the "home" advantage. I'm going to say Germany 2-1.

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Man, Mascherano is a beast.

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@hermes said:

That is the point of Brasil. They like to play with the upper hand of being favorites. If they loose that psychological advantage, they morally fell apart.

That is what happened yesterday... By the time they got to 2-0, they just stopped trying. At that point, Germany could well enough be sparring and it would have been a similar result.

That is true. But since they are five-time champions, they are always favorites in the eyes of most Brazilians. And if anyone disagrees, some people get overly-defensive and accuse critics of being anti-patriotic or having a inferiority complex or both. This is especially true for journalists who don't buy into the whole jingoist nonsense. Scolari himself told them at a post-match interview that if they didn't like it, they could all go to hell. These people need to realize that Brazil no longer has the best players or the best team and that tradition can only get you so far.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. It's just a sport, after all.


Hup Holland Hup!

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Well, that was embarassing. Never liked this Seleção and I like Scolari even less, but maybe 7-1 was a bit too harsh. I feel bad for some players (but not for Scolari or Neymarketing, they can go screw themselves).

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@animasta said:

Hames Rodriguez ;_;

also did anyone check that giant grasshopper on his arm as he ran back to the touchline, grosss


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Ok, Neymar is out. It's hard to imagine they'll win two games against very strong teams without him.

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An interesting match despite the ref's best efforts to ruin it.

Germany will be the true test for Brazil. I believe whoever makes it through will be the champions. I hope Holland proves me wrong, though, as I think they deserve a World Cup more than anyone else.

Edit: Also, for Brazil's sake, Neymar better be on the pitch on tuesday, otherwise I don't see them winning.