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Well, looks like I'll finally own an Xbox. That or I'll just upgrade my PC.

Shame on you, Sony Brasil.

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Can't go wrong with Dragon Quest VIII. The gameplay and fantastic music kept me coming back.

Oh yeah, this game for sure. Definitely one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Great cast of characters, amazing style, quality story, and the monster arena is good fun too.

Dragon Quest VIII is the ultimate JRPG.

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well, it just so happens i own a 7970, guess i won't have to upgrade for a good long while. But the thing is, I'll take 60fps over pretty graphics any day.

Me too. If this generation of consoles taught me anything, is that performance is way more important than pretty graphics. In this regard, I think my 7850 is starting to lag behind.

Still pretty excited for the PS4, though.

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Alright, I'm going to play Devil's Advocate for a bit and ask how many people in those other countries are even in positions to get those consoles. If there are any GB members in those countries that seem neglected (i.e. South America, Eastern Europe) I'd like to hear how consoles are currently sold there. I've gotten the impression that most gamers in those areas just play PC and pirate everything.

If we look at numbers in South Africa they sold 102,000 until aug. 2009. In may they sold a total 30 million consoles worldwide. So that means South Africa is responsible for about 0,34% of global sales. You decide ;)

I live in Brazil and pretty much everyone I know (from the middle and upper classes) either owns a PS3 or a 360, in addition to a gaming PC. It's a pretty big market that (I think) is not translated in official numbers because very few people buy the official stuff released here, as importing consoles and games is a much cheaper option. For instance, the Xbox One will be released here in November for R$ 2.199,00 - around US$1.050,00 - so most people would simply import the console from the US or Europe. With the mandatory online verification, this won't be an option anymore.

Is selling more expensive hardware and software to far fewer people a smart and profitable move? Like Jeff said, it seems MS made the calculations and decided it was worth it. We'll see.

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Lol at charging $16 for a transcoded MP3.

I'm not crazy about the album. I personally think it's a bit too saturated in Loveless nostalgia. That aesthetic was totally rad in 1991, but it's not very interesting to me now. I'm sure that's a relatively unpopular opinion and that the majority will be pumped that it's aping Loveless. Not that it's bad or anything, just, yeah. Standouts for me are probably "Only Tomorrow," and the last two (which are pretty wild).

This. For some reason, I was expecting something different (but not TOO different) from Loveless, but that would be crazy. It's still a pretty good album, though, especially 'nothing is' and 'if i am'.

My Bloody Valentine, New Order, and (hopefully) The Stone Roses - not too shabby, 2013.

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Nice. I hope you enjoy it as much as *we* did - it's not perfect, but it's pretty damn close.

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People should watch Onion Talks instead.

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Loved Resonance of Faith because it reminded me so much of Valkyrie Profile 2. Eternal Sonata was also pretty good (and also somewhat similar to VP2).

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Unfortunately, no such patch exists yet.

Telltale is adressing the problem with the 360 retail version here.

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Why would you use AdBlock? Don't you want to meet single girls in your area?