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An engaging RPG that can be enjoyed alone or with friends 0

Guild Wars seems to represent a middle ground between RPG’s which can be played online via server lobbies, such as the NeverWinter Nights games, and those of a persistent nature, such as World of Warcraft. While it doesn’t provide a seamless persistent world for people to run free around, it does provide an incredibly immersive and engaging place to join up with friends online and go playing together in small groups. While the “instance” barriers provide load-times and cut off points for particu...

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Best shooter of '07 1

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare arrived late 2007 alongside a whole range of other highly anticipated games, and while it could have been overshadowed easily, it wasn’t and for a very good reason. Call of Duty 4 is a fantastic example of just how awesome first person shooters can still be, and in my opinion was a real triumph all around.   Call of Duty has in the past, had its roots firmly in the WWII era, however, as the sub-title suggests, Infinity Ward have decided to tackle a modern theatre ...

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It's simple, but it's executed so well it's still really fun.. 2

Gears of War is one of those games that relies entirely on pure, unadulterated fun. This fact becomes blatantly obvious when you see that one of the guns has a chainsaw stuck to the end, however, its not exactly lacking in problems either. Besides the longest install time I have ever had to endure, the game is also riddled with bugs and the word “performance” becomes a relative term, in the sense that having it not constantly freeze up and jerk around would be classed as “good” performance. That...

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A truly thrilling experience at first, but will ware thin quickly 0

Assassin’s Creed is game from Ubisoft Montreal, which seems to blend together elements from Thief, Hitman and free roaming titles such as Grand theft Auto. It then sticks you in a timeline during the crusades and gives you some incredible gymnastic abilities and allows you to run, jump and stab your way around the holy land with the aim of assassinating a list of targets given to you by your master. You play as Altair, a master assassin who, at the beginning of the game beaks some important tene...

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A competent multiplayer shooter 0

Day of Defeat Source (DoD henceforth) is a WW2 based squad shooter from Valve that uses the much loved source engine, and follows a very similar style to Counter Strike: Source. It’s fast, its action packed, and most importantly of all, it’s a lot of fun. While it isn’t perfect, it provides a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction and with a strong online community, I believe this will be the case for years to come. The idea behind the game is simple. You play a series of rounds on a particular map, ...

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Good ideas, bad implementation... 0

Alone in the Dark is a new survival horror game from Eden Games that puts you in the middle of Central Park during a huge catastrophe in which, as usual, you have to save the world from impending doom using nothing but a roll of sticky tape and a used condom. OK, slight exaggeration there but you get the drift. As with most, if not all survival horror games you tend to always be on the edge of running out of supplies, which brings a need for clever thinking and improvisation. What differentiates...

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Too much recycled content, but still a lot of fun 0

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is the sequel to the award winning Rainbow Six Vegas from Ubisoft, in which you played as Logan Keller, a squad leader in team rainbow who, with the help if his two team mates, managed to destroy a terrorist plot to detonate bombs and whatnot in Nevada. In Vegas 2, you play as a different squad leader who goes by the name of Bishop and the story moves along in the same time frame as the original game; however you are put through a different set of events which ultimately wrap...

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An absolute cracker of an RTS 2

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game from Relic during world war two as it follows the story of the American Airborne troops who dropped in over during D-Day. Its single player campaign will take you all the way from the D-Day landings to chasing the last remaining Germans back into their homeland, and hunting down a notorious German tank commander. On the way you will pass through famous French towns such as Carentan and will be dropped deep behind enemy lines to destroy a V2 rocket ...

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