Fatality concept outside the fihting genre.

 I do admire the bloodshed in video games, although I'm trying to test a variety of recent and older titles, because - in my own opinion - some research & experience on your own enables a player to find some great yet sometimes unnoticed games. But without further ado - the gore awaits! 
NOTE:  Of course there are more games that fit in here (e.g. God of War, Waxworks, Pray for Death, Thrill Killl etc.), but I'm only posting the ones I completed in this entry.
1. Creatures - one of the greatest Commodore 64 games ever created. Fine sprites that delivered you a fine amount of gore! Bear in mind tht these were the 80's.

   2. Creatures 2 - a great sequel to a graet game.

3. Beowulf - Zemeckis made a great movie, but the game was pretty shitty...apart from the boss finishing moves!







4. Manhut - this is a pure classic but most of th YT users posted all the awesome fatalities without the dirty VHS effect. That's a pitty as it adds the snuff feeling to the video.

5. Dreamweb - an almost forgotten adventure game in vein of Blade Runner - had some really intense gore features!

6. Rex Nebular - a quite hard point & click with fabulous oger.

7. Dark Sector - a very good title without a good advertising campaign. A bloody chunk. Get it if you can - probably the bargain price

8. SAW - I really liked the franchise up to some point. The game had some fairly well presented gore effects....and screwed up combat as well;)

9. Prototype

10. Gladiator - with over the top violence presentation !
11. Myth III - casualty...
12. Space Siege - a totally pointles h'n's with no more than two nice finishing sequences.
I also dig other games like e.g. Ninja Blade, but the finishing moves are cool enough to make it a separate topic one day. 
Play hard &  have a good life!
- Szydlak. 
Thanks to all people that read this! Thanks for respect for the games! They deserve it!


The fatalities I performed.

1. Time Killers  - the instant dismemberment moves? I dig it :)

  2. Timeslaughter  - the fight itself is not as cool as the totally random stuff the fighters say.
3. Survival Arts - another random MK ripoff, but still worth an hour or 2, cause it's pure fun!
4. Xenophage - well...interesting creature design? What more can I say? 
5. Battle Slave Fantasia - I'm not really into the hentai stuff, but was curious enough to try it out.
6. Primal Rage - everyone knows the game. Not everyone ob GB.
7. Tattoo Assassins - ....
8. MKII - classic Gameboy strikes again.
9. MKA - an awful game. I dunno what made me to do that....
  10. Ultra Vortek - cool but slightly forgotten
11. Cosmic Carnage's Naruto.
12. MK on Game Gear
  13. MK I/II/III mmashup.
14. MK4 - the last Mortal Kombat game I could fully embrace (as a pc player) Not as good as the previous entries in the franchise....dam you all know that! 
15. a tiny BONUS: 
I also have some nice videos of bloody stuff from the non-fighting games. Will post them later. Enjoy:)