so i started X-Com today and its wormed it xenomorphic tendrils into me but there was one guy that I managed to keep ahold right from the start ... UNTIL A FEW MINUTES AGO D: a muton decided that Flores' Rocket Launcher would look nice on its bedroom wall and shot him in the chest killing him flat out :/

He will be missed and revenge was taken


THQ's Humble Bundle

THQ's humble bundle is doing bad things to me -.- darksiders is a game I already have for xbox but plays better on pc, saints row 3 is raring to go (although I may have over played SR2) red faction Armageddon - im really quite enjoying and

the magnet gun is possibly the best gun in any gaming universe ever, company of heroes ive just played and seems to be an cool mix of C&C generals and DoW set in WWII (as its made by THQ and Relic)

any gamers out there that havent picked it up - id recommend it as its pay what you want but if you pay over the average you get SR3 as well - http://www.humblebundle.com/


Walking Dead Ep. 5

Holy crap balls of doom! no game in my entire gaming life has ever had THAT kind of effect on me the way TellTale Games Walking Dead Episode 5 has. If they're doing anything else that's episode driven (and there are whispers of this going into a second season) - im going to be there day one to get on that awesome emotional rollercoaser