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Hurts today as much as it did when we all first heard.

RIP Ryan Davis!

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RIP Ryan. Sorry to hear.

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@mosespippy said:

I don't think the GB staff played enough of the best games of the generation. The best games tend to also be time sinks and Giant Bomb doesn't have the resources to cover them. The three games that I see the giant bomb audience put forward as great games from this generation that people should play are Dark Souls, Valkyria Chronicles and Neir. I don't think anyone on staff has played enough of those games to argue for them in committee. They'll all argue for shorter games like Uncharted 2 or Saints Row. While those games are great, they aren't the greatest of the generation.

Maybe then instead have them do individual "my favourite games of the past generation", and maybe let them break that down into console-specific lists.

It doesn't have to be THE definitive list. Just their personal favourites.

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Why not just limit the round time to like 3 mins? Or let the stream be SourceTV with their commentary (dunno how good it'll be)?

Do you think Norm plays CS?

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I'd definitely make it out for that TNT. it seems like they are on a bit of a old school PC FPS binge, so CSS makes perfect sense.

I wouldn't even mind a 1.6/Source TNT either. Something for both communities. But please, no CZ LOL

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i've also got one of them. try to think of a movie coming out soon, and some of it's video game sequels.........

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@august said:
" I've heard people opine that a lot of their songs exist more to be remixed and mixed live than stand on their own, and as such I think Alive 2007 is pretty much he best thing they've done. "
With this in mind, I think that if they take some of the stuff they've done in the Tron soundtrack, and incorporate it into their live show and mix it in with their past (or new) songs........then the next tour or Alive album could be fucking amazing!
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LOL @ all the people actually calling the Tron soundtrack a Daft Punk album. 
It's a movie soundtrack. 
How crazy do you think Disney was gonna let them go with it? With it being billed as one of the last big movies of the year, did you really think they were gonna let them make a soundtrack that resembled Homework or Discovery? Of course not. They still want their huge, epic orchestral score. It just so happened that it was Tron, so giving it a "electronic music" vibe made sense, which is why they got the biggest, most recognizable name they could find: Daft Punk.  So when you compare it to their past albums it's obviously not gonna be as great because it's a movie soundtrack! 
Anyways, I still think Homework is their best album. For me, it just has more enjoyable songs than on any of their other albums (except maybe Alive 2007).