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Nyx, of course, is my favourite boss.
The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed... etc etc. Really, I thought Nyx was a great final boss, even if it wasn't too challenging. Maybe I was overleveled? It did get difficult near the end, however, Night Queen made things pretty ugly...
Also, the music was Goddamn amazing. Holy shit do I love the music that was playing.

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I finished the game a few weeks ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was definitely worth the 70 or so hours that I spent playing it, and Nyx was great. Although the challenge factor while playing through the game was rather low; I felt as though I was underleveled most of the time. I was level 77 for Nyx, and I did have more than a few close calls near the end, with Night Queen and all. On my original file, I regret saving after all of the characters I'd maxed out with events. And then I accidentally saved over my original file, which I used to watch the ending from every now and then, because I wasn't paying attention. 
Basically, I loved the ending a lot, even though it made me cry. Really... I didn't want the game to end. I love all of the characters... I felt like I knew them.
 I watched the entire Endurance Run that Vinny and Jeff did and I have to say I like the ending better in P3, but the story in P4 is better than P3s.

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Purple or clear. Same goes for handhelds.
Oh God I hope the purple 3DS is released day one.

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My name is Taylor, hence the username.
I mainly signed up because so far I am enjoying watching the Persona Endurance Run, on part 42 right now, even though personally I've never played a Persona game myself. And I want to eventually, so I'll stop watching eventually as I don't really want the end to be spoiled for me or anything. 
This also seemed like a decent community, so why not.
I enjoy video games, of course, but most of which are offline and single player. Also, I'm not very good at them.

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