C4's Top Ten Of 2010

This Should Probably Be Read After The List.

Notable mentions

-UFC Undisputed 2010- Smashing dudes in the face is always fun.

-Heavy rain- Finished in 2 enjoyable sittings but wasn't really a game.

-Super street fighter IV- More Street fighter? yes please

-Halo: Reach- I don't play (read: have the time to get good at) halo multiplayer, so I get far less mileage out of halo games than most.

-Final fantasy XIII- I'm about halfway through this and had to take a break, it doesn't suck. edit 2: it sucks

Haven't played

-God of war 3- I have a Copy sitting here, I will get to it Soon.

-Fallout: New Vegas- I thought the first game was broken to a point of barely playable. so I was scared away from new Vegas for now.

-3D dot game heroes- Have a copy sitting here, i know ill like it. (Zelda: A Link to the past is my "Greatest game of all time")

-Game dev story- I Don't Like Portable/Mobile gaming, yet i still completed this Twice.

Worst game/s

-Singularity- played it after halo reach and black ops, with high FPS bars to live up to it fell really short.

-Kane and lynch 2- Just a bad Game.

Further notes

-I played Both uncharted games recently, and both where better than a few games on my 2010 list.

-I went straight from Forza 3 to GT5. GT5 is a great Sim, Forza 3 is a great game.

Currently playing- Red faction: guerrilla, After which I'll probably play through assassins creed bother hood then finish FFXIII.

List items

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Posted by The_Infamous_C4

Have completed assassins creed: brotherhood now, And Would rank it at #2.