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The perfect skill game 0

Okay here's the deal if you played and liked Trials HD then stop reading this review and buy Trials Evolution because it is exactly what you want from a sequel. Everyone else, please continue (what follows is a review for the non-OCD non-hardcore gamer).Trials Evolution is at its core a pretty simple skill game. You are trying to maneuver your rider + bike through a series of 2D obstacle courses while trying to hold the balance. This may sound simple on the paper but is surely easier said than d...

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Atmosphere over accessibility 0

Many bad things have already been said about “I am alive” but this game really surprised me in a good way when it comes to atmosphere and presentation.In "I am alive" the world that we know is no more. After a cataclysmic event and a series of ground shattering earthquakes the cities lie in ruins and the streets are covered in thick dust making the outside world a hazardous place. Society has collapsed and everyone fights for survival and tries to cover even the most basic needs like water, food...

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The last walk to the park with an old dog 0

Like always, I am going to keep things short here, because most of you guys surely want a yay or nay (with a short explanation) and not my personal diary describing my deepest thoughts and feelings.Modern Warfare 3 is the latest installment of the COD franchise and is exactly what a "die hard" COD fan would expect from it. It's a solid military shooter with an addicting multiplayer part that will keep you entertained for a while but to be honest there are no big gamechanging additions or changes...

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Grinding meat has never been so entertaining 0

Dead Island is an open world, melee focused, zombie themed game that has completely caught me off guard. The game is a really weird hybrid and plays very different from what one would expect by watching footage of the game.Dead Island might look like simple survival game at first but underneath all the running away from zombies and bashing in skulls are dice throws. The game is heavily driven by a set of underlying RPG mechanics that most people will know from games like Diablo, Sacred or even r...

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Visually impressive but gameplaywise dissapointing 0

As a software engineer I have to give Kudos to the development team and especially to the physics-guys as the water in this game is just stunning and hauntingly beautiful. The gameplay on the other hand kinda disappointed me. Its not the core mechanics though because these are beatifully implemented. It's the variety in gameplay and the given scenarios. I kinda lost interest in the game after the first half because I had the feeling that the game started to repeat itself. That is basically all. ...

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