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& - Thanks both of you guys for your great insight.

I often say things that *I* want, with the full knowledge that there is negative repercussions of what would happen if it was rolled out to everyone. My point is that IF there was a server that allowed pay-for-credit transactions (only as a test), I would join it in a heartbeat. Although I understand that inflation would have a huge negative impact, but I also know that free market economy has a way of working itself out.

Maybe it's because there is so little to purchase in the game (especially if you have gathering skills that feed your crafting habit), but I think for this game it would have LESS of an impact than other MMOs.

I'm personally a big fan of disruptive moves, and I guess I was hoping that SW:TOR would have more of them.

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@yoshimitz707 Not yet! Should be March or April. As soon as it airs, my stupid face will be all up in this piece!
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Kessler uses a tin can for his Skype calls.

Gentlemen - thanks a ton for having me on! It was a blast to be a part of it.

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IT's thebooya! Buy yeah, fun times fo sholio!

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CONGRATULATIONS! I will be sending over a PM to get the high rez version, and arrange the rewards payment.

For the rest of the people who entered, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me your address so I can send you a little somthin somethin!

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Here are all of the entries in one post

@EvilDeadRon, the eternal griefer

Awesome stuff, guys. I'll have a winner announced and order the postcards tomorrow.

In the meantime, PM me your name and address - everyone! I'll send as many of these bad boys out as possible! Especially those who entered, I want to send out some care packages ;)

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This is a tough one! Some great entrants this year... hold tight until the morning, I think I need some feedback from the rest of the staff at Beefy ;)

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I'm in - add me! BootyHunter the Bounty Hunting Booty Hunter

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Less than 24 hours for submissions! Get 'em in there!

And @big_jon - it's never too late to say hi ;)