Killzone 3, Killing...when your inside the zone.

Hello giantbomb community, first, lemme just say I apologize for that really stupid title there, I have no witty or funny way to make this interesting, but, at least I tried, here's just my thought's on the Killzone 3 beta, now, before I get spammers constantly asking me "Hey bro, how`d you get into that beta dawg?"... Your not going to  believe this but, if you make an Indian PSN account, you can actually download it free, no, you won't get in trouble, and no, I`m not one of those disgusting, retarded spammers. So, you go ahead and download that beta, and then come back here as you wait for it to finish downloading and installing, you can thank me later. OK, well, let's start this jazz.

 Look at the determination in that dude's eyes.

Before I Tried the Demo

Well, as I was sitting there, just waiting for that beta, that, at the time at least, was gonna look really disappointing, looked for some game play video's on the thing people like to call "the Internet", and, based on what I`ve seen I was blown, looking at the game play just gave me a modern warfare 2-ish feeling, and, since I eat the shit that comes out of Infinity Wards ass, I wanted to play it.

Graphics, AKA, shiny things that explode

 Well, I turned the beta on, found the main menu, and it was stunning, now, because Google isn't going to be my friend today, I couldn't find any pics of the main menu, BUT, I will gladly describe it... actually no I won't that's just boring, but it's a cinematic main menu, that's all you should know. Now, on the part people actually care about, the ACTUAL game, now, take a look at this picture, and just look at how shiny this looks.

Yes, I know, it's blurry, deal with it.

Well, uhm, dude, you know what lemme find another picture this is just horrible.

 That's MUCH better, thanks Google, I knew you wouldn't let me down.

That's actual game play right there, but, so I don't keep on sounding like i`m repeating things, all in all, it's really good, there are realistic assets when shooting someone though, like, shooting someone in the head can knock someone's helmet off, shooting walls can put bullet holes in them, yeah, all of that good stuff, you know, how most first person shooter's should be.

Game Play/Controls

I gotta say, thing's work really well, I mean, it's a good way to bring the anger out of someone that's had a bad day, but, anyways, to keep it short and simple, i`m not even gonna lie, it took me a while to get used to the controls, normally I wouldn't bitch about thing's like that, but i've really been fucked over by my failure to get used to them. As for the game play itself, here's where thing's actually get more interesting, well, based on what i`ve seen, you get something called "Unlock Points" which, I guess, you use those points to unlock things (Naw, naw THAT'S not what they`re used for), as for as the thing you unlock, there are just various guns, you know, the usual.
In the beta you can only play online, BUT, you can play all by yourself using bots, with four difficulty levels, their are two maps, some kind of snow zone, and one that looks like some kind of post apocalypse area, there are two modes, Mission Mode, and Deathmatch, Mission Mode are just random objectives that you and your team mates must complete, and i`m pretty sure you know what Deathmatch is.


Well, I know this pretty much sucked, and i`m sorry if I just disappointed you with this read, but i`m still new to this, but hey, i`m pretty sure that Killzone 3 beta will make you feel all better, right?

Why, what is this website I have found? Part Two, Discovery

Wassup duders, I posted another blog earlier yesterday about me finding this website, and I gotta say, it`s pretty awesome, I noticed that the community is pretty, you know, "different", but hey, that`s what makes giantbomb more unique. Well, lemme just post some more AWESOME reason`s that I love about this site, I just found em out today, and i`m pretty sure that there aren`t any other site`s that have this, so without further ado, let the ass kissing begin!


Dude, this site has it`s own wikia? whhhhaaaa?
Well, anyways, I find this amusing because, dude, the whole SITE get`s to edit and make giantbomb bigger, and sometimes, a better place, I mean, who wouldn`t want to be apart of an awesome group and say, "oh giantbomb? yeah I totally edited the original xbox page, that`s right, I DID", c,mon, don`t lie, you know your proud of doing that, I KNOW YOU ARE....

The Crew

Jeff,Brad,Vinny,Drew, and Ryan are a perfect team, the quick looks, the mailbags, the interviews, it`s all just way too crazy for me, plus, they have an excellent amount of "originality" in creating this website, if I could be one of those mighty duders, I would be honored.


Now, seeing as how this is probably barely my 10th post, the forums are really interesting at times, i`m not even gonna lie, there are some jerks here, but hey, that`s the internet. 
Yup, that`s all I got here, I know this blog kinda sucked, but i`m still trying to adjust to being an active member, but anyways guys...

Well what is this place I have found?

Hello everyone. i`m thegeniousplayer, and i`m totally new here.
Uhm, well I guess I should talk about myself, well, i`m into gaming (obviously), but specifically PC and PS3, I do own a nintendo wii, but I don`t play it at all, I don`t own a 360, but I don`t think it`s half bad. No, I am not a fanboy of any kind, I HATE HATE HATE fanboys (did I mention that I hate fanboys?), and uhm, well, i`m pretty broke so I don`t see myself getting any games anytime soon, but I do chores to earn money, which is nice I guess, oh, i`m turning 14 in about 2 months, I like to hang out with pals at school, drink soda, I like pop tart`s, and hopefully, i`ll be here on this web site every 3 minutes to see if I have a new message. 
So, yeah, that`s a me, wow, that sounded corny, but anyways, hurray for getting to level 3 in like 10 seconds, and uhm, i`m glad to be new here.