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I really hope that the laptop is the one that was given to him by CBS. That would at least minimize the loss of content stored on it. Plus, CBS would potentially replace it. Additionally, there's hope he can remotely wipe/disable the phone. Hopefully, he's able to minimize his loss of personal data.

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I am able to get into all of the live streams, including the Premium streams. However, I am unable to chat. It just tells me I'm not logged in. I can see the global cooldown changing and can participate in polls.

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Feel like I should chime in with what I've got, since I'm hitting a wall with my line of thought. I don't think the script was shot on the 18th. All that "yellow revisions" means is that it is the third revision of that page. Later on it says "blue revisions", which I think means second revision. Anyway, I tried to look at film permits, but couldn't find anything. However, I came across this site It looks like something called TEW shot at the studio on March 23-26. I haven't been able to find anything on what TEW could stand for other than "The Erotic Woman". However that's more erotic literature than anything else.

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The article states that this is only a forecast.

"[They] analyzed the retailers’ store counts, recent financial data, online presences, prospects against direct competitors and precedents set by other large retailers that have downsized by shuttering locations. We then forecast how many stores each retailer will have to close this year to sharply increase its prospects financially, even if some of those location closings do not occur for several years. These forecasts were based on drops in same-store sales, drops in revenue, a review of direct competitors, Internet sales and the size of cuts at retailers in the same sector, if those were available."

I'm sure some will be closing this year. Hell they closed one in the mall near my house, but it's too soon to tell about other stores. If I were them I'd start looking for other work now though.

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First off I want to say that I am not starting this thread as a way to discuss the ending of the game. That has come and gone. I am just fascinated by the backlash against the ending of the game and wanted to get the opinions of others. I apologize if this has been brought up before. I have been thinking lately about the Retake Mass Effect and their goals. Regardless of thoughts on how legitimate their claims are, they succeeded in getting an extended ending dlc published. Bringing to the forefront ideas that were carried on by other sites, blogs, and publications. One such publication named EA worst company of the year, I know this is an over simplistic view of why they were named such, but for the purposes of this discussion I'd like to just say the outrage was a big part in getting a spot light turned onto them. The Better Business Bureau even weighed in on the situation.

Up until now I've really just been restating old news, but I promise my question is coming quickly. EA and Bioware have stated that they won't be changing the ending just expanding upon it. The ending of the game can be taken as open or close ended depending on your outlook. However, my question to the community is: Do any of you feel that as a result of the bad press and player outrage we will now never see a planned DLC package that would have taken place after the ending of the game? By this I mean I personally felt the ending of the game was open ended and that much as with Asura's Wrath we would have seen a "true ending" DLC that would have continued the game in some manner.

After the beating EA and Bioware have taken in the press and on the Internet at large, I don't feel they can release that DLC. If they do so they risk having to change how they feel future games should play by setting a precedent now. Not only this, but also in some manner of reclaiming face by saying this was their artistic vision and how they had envisioned the game all along. I am not trying to vilify anyone in this thread, but the more I read the more I have to wonder if by shining a light on this, if we've lost the opportunity to finish the game as it was originally intended to end. Is so I'd also like to know the communities' thoughts on whether it is worth going out in such a lackluster way on such an incredible series that has arguably changed the way games are made in order to hopefully make it so this doesn't happen again in the foreseeable future. Please discuss.